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Multiple Blinkm

I am not understanding how to change colors via scripting if I have 2 blinkm connected.

This will fade to blue I2CWrite(0,0x09,"c",0x00,0x00,0xff)

How do I make the other one fade to another color?

I cant figure out how to address the each blinkm individually.



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I read over that post multiple times. I understand how to manipulate a single BlinkM, I don't understand how to talk to a second one connected on the same EZB.

Is it even possible to run two BlinkM from one EZB.

Appreciate any and all help.


The two BlinkM's would need separate addresses. If they have the same address then it wouldn't work out from the same EZ-B.

I2CWrite( boardIndex, deviceAddress, data, .... )
Send a series of ASCII data to the specified device hex address over the i2c interface.
This command will Start i2c, Write Data, and Stop i2c.
boardIndex is the EZ-B you wish to use (0 is first EZ-B)
Device Hex Address of i2c device must be in 0x00 format.
Data can be Hex (0x09), string ("string"), or decimal (188)
Example: I2CWrite(0, 0x09, 0x02, 0x05, 0x06)
Example: I2CWrite(0, 0x09, 244)
Example: I2CWrite(0, 0x09, "This is text  + $variable)

You need to figure out how to change the address on one of the two BlinkM's and then reference that BlinkM in using the second parameter of the command. I don't have a BlinkM but will see if I can figure out if it is possible to change the address.