Mr. Clockradio + Alexa

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Hello all, Currently, I am in the process of renovating my room and discovered two Mr. clock radios given to my brother and me by our mother when they first came out. They are both functioning, but one LED is not working. My goal is to modify the Mr. clock radio into an Amazon Alexa. I have an Amazon Alexa Echo Dot, which is similar in size to the MCR base. However, I have no experience in this field and would appreciate any direction in terms of research. If anyone has done something like this before, I would love to hear about your experience. Thank you in advance! Would you happen to have any suggestions on where I can start my research?

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It would be a shame to hack this very cool and vintage clock. All by it's self it's very weird and quirky. I can see why you and your brother hid it away. I can cee is being kinda scary for kids sometimes. LOL

With that said you would probably be able to convert it to use with ARC software connected to a control device like an IoTiny or a flashed Arduino converted to an EZB. You'd have to crack it open and see what kind of motors and speakers it uses. If the motors are servos then ARC could control them directly through the onboard EZB (again, an IoTiny or a flashed Arduino converted to an EZB). It probably currently has a custom motor controller board that you would have to bypass or remove. If there is room in there you would mount the EZ Robot's IoTiny in place to control everything with Synthiam's ARC control software over Wifi from your laptop. You would attach the clocks motors and the speaker directly to the IoTiny.

Have fun and let us know what you end up doing.


hi AlexMerp

i would start playing with servo's and iotyni or ezbv4 . before doing anything with that precious clock robot . make a project in ARC learn and test . you can use , very cheap servo's like MG995 for testing. MG995 x 4