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I have a small issue with a script using the MP3 Trigger.

When I use the function MP3TriggerPlayTrack(d5, 38400, 5), I have the following error :
"> Error on line 1: La chaîne n'a pas été reconnue en tant que Boolean valide." (which can be translate by : the string was not recognized as a valide Boolean).

If i use the function MP3TriggerPlayRandomTrack(d5, 38400, 5, 5) instead, I have no error and track 5 is played. By the way, all other MP3Trigger functions seems to work...

Any idea?


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Have you downloaded the latest version of ARC? If not try adding a pause time at the end.

There was a version out there for a few days, months ago the returned this error for me till DJ fixed it.

Then up date your ARC is you haven't yet.

Hope this helps.
Thanks Dave,

Yes it is the latest version of ARC.

In fact, what it is strange is that this function used to work. But I had to reinstall my all system, (Windows 8, and then ARC) and now I have this issue.

I tried to add a pause at the end, by the way, but no success...
@fredebec, I see the issue. It is because you do not have a Speech Recognition control. The error will go away if you add Speech Recognition. I will fix it for the next release to not depend on Speech Recognition. Thanks for finding that strange issue:)
@DJ, Thanks, it worked!

These strange things happen when you juggle with 25,695 lines of code...;)
Wowsers, that is a lot of code. Is there anything we can do to help lower that number of lines? Would database access make it easier for you?
@DJ, I think there is a little misunderstanding here.
It is not me who is juggling with 25,695 lines if code,... It's you!

From the "About" page:
Did You Know?
- ARC has 25,695 lines of C++ and C# code
- ...

I wanted to point out that with such a complex program like ARC, strange (and hidden) issues like mine sometimes happen...

I definitely need to make some progress in english to make myself clearer...
Haha, it's okay! I understand now:) If you had a 25,000 EZ-Script, i was impressed!

It's actually a bit more now....

44,000 lines of code for ARC
12,800 lines of code for EZ-SDK

User-inserted image

User-inserted image
Oh, the new release should be out tonight - maybe tomorrow. I think you're all going to love and hate me for it. It has an amazing new feature, but it might make some of you a little upset at me! Sorry in advance - you'll thank me in the future!:D (i hope)

Let me just talk up this new feature first - before any of you chase me out of town! As a little hint: it has to do with servos. It's probably the most powerful feature (next to EZ-Script) that I have added to ARC. I have been playing with it on one of my robots and I get chills of excitement. It's literally one of the coolest ideas I've ever come up with - and it was a lot of work to implement!

Oh, it also is very necessary for Revolution.

The part you may be frustrated with will be clear in the release notes... I'll leave you hanging