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Mp3 Trigger &Amp; Variables / Sequencing

Hello All,

Just working on some setup for big R2's audio setup.

I'm using the Sparkfun MP3 Trigger.

I'm trying to use $variables in command strings and it's not working.

Is ARC capable of this for the Mp3Trigger command strings?

Here is a normal command line:

MP3TriggerVolume(D7, 38400, 30)

I want to do something like this:


MP3TriggerVolume(D7, 38400, $Mp3Volume) * I tried with " " around it as well.

Then I can script/configure what I need to do with volume up/down. I want to do incremental increase/decrease via script.


Also anyone having issues with ARC playing/reading the MP3's out of sequence? I have all my random MP3's 000-166, and then my special triggered audio 167-up. It for some reason scoots some to the 000-001 positions on the triggerboard.


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Found the serial command in the trigger manual.

I will play around with that for now with sendserial.

Would love to be able to use variables with the mp3triggervolume commands


You have it right..

$volume = 10

mp3triggervolume(d0, 9600, $volume)

As for the mp3 sequence, that's not an ARC thing. The MP3 Trigger plays audio files by the index number. The MP3 Trigger indexes the files on it's own. ARC has no say in the indexing