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Mp3 Trigger Mobile Control

Hi Folks, Its that time of year to get the G-Bot ready for Halloween! Always exciting.

I must say I was a little disappointed to see the MP3 Trigger control is not supported on the mobile interface. It would be so much easier to control the robot from my phone 100%.

Anyone know if there are plans to implement this anytime soon?




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The MP3 interface isn't supported but the functionality is. Just use ezscript and create your own buttons and interface.

1) create a mobile app with buttons for each MP3 sound. There is a tutorial in the mobile interface builder manual page which demonstrates how to create a mobile app.

2) use the Cheat Sheet when adding script for each button to execute the ControlCommand() to play the sound. There is a tutorial in the mobile interface builder manual page which demonstrates how to add script to buttons.

3) voila

You can access any control manual pages by pressing the ? (Question mark) next to the x (close) button.
I may work on that for Halloween but it won't really help me for this weekend. We have a Fall Festival and the robot will be out and buzzing around. I'll probably just stay with a mini notebook for now since the G-Bot has about 500 phases. I won't have time to build this manually (I typically am doing this stuff last minute, unfortunately).
Even using the MP3 Trigger control, I have to limit how many phrases I load on the card and use.
That's great to know though. Thanks DJ!
Cant install ARC on my work PC so I can't upload one until late tonight.

I only need a mobile control that connects directly to Board 0 at the default IP that includes the MP3 trigger control.

The rest of the robot set up for manual control by a Futaba radio right now.

username is: gwen4156

If you are able to upload one to my cloud that would be SOOOO AWESOME!

Thanks either way!