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Mp3 Player Help

Hi all Im trying to connect up a mp3 trigger to my ez b , I know it has the built in system as well but i need to use two types of sound fx for johnny 5 one that is a ext mp3 player is also connected to the lip light circuit on the robot, i will then use the ez b built in for fx sounds so that will not effect the lip light. the mp3 im trying to use is http://www.microelectronicos.com/datasheets/WT5001.pdf

but im doing something wrong and cant work out what. Any advise would be great. thanks dave


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Can you provide more details: Specific Model/Board Circuit Diagram/Wiring

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Board is wt5001mo2-28p was setup as basics to get it up and working and connected to d0 on ezb to pin 17 rxd on the board to try and address the sound files. Got one speaker setup on pin 9 r out and 5v to pin 22 and pin 14 ground. not to sure if this one is even compatable with this. Bit new to setting up this side of things.

thanks dave


Hi Dave,

I think what you want to do is probably pretty common because you probably have sounds and speech you want a computer/EZB to play and then you have common ones you want a hardware mp3 trigger that can operate standalone, or from the EZB, right?

It looks like you can connect this up, it looks like on page 8 it give the directions for how to control the triggers, it looks like you can have 4 on this device:

3.5.2?One to one function key When DATA14 is high, DATA16 \ DATA17 \ DATA18 \ DATA19 corresponds to 1, 2, 3, and 4 pieces of voice, low pulse trigger and play once then stop. When DATA14 is low, DATA16 \ DATA17 \ DATA18 \ DATA19 correspond to 1, 2, 3, 4 pieces of voice, when low to maintain ,the playing mode is single cycle, when jump to high it will finish the current song then stop.

Are you using it in the minimum configuration with the 4 triggers? Have you tried loading sound files and setting it up with buttons to make sure it works? Or were you trying to use a different method like the serial control?


So you are trying to control it as the serial port method if you are using the RXD line, it sounds to me.

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Yer ive had it working via the 4 buttons before but was hoping to control via the serial and have more then 4 files. ive had this board for years but never fully used it


I used a SparkFun MP3 trigger for years with the EZB. It worked great. It's supported by EZ Robot and ARC has a built in control. Perhaps if you can't get this trigger to work you could look at the SparkFun Trigger.

DJ provided a nice tutorial and video on how to wire it through the serial port and set it up to work with ARC. Maybe that video will help you wire yours or at least check and compare?

Not sure but maybe you could use the MP3 control in ARC for the trigger you now have. Make sure you set the proper Baud rate in the in Config area. SparkFun MP3 Tutorial Amazon Link to SparkFun MP3

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Yer im Thinking this may be the best option for me as well. I watched the video a few times. And as it seems so simple to link this one into the project think its best way to go.


I know exactly what your doing here. I also have a second FX sound I want playing in my B9 robot that I don't want effecting the voice flash when he's speaking. However I don't need to control or trigger it like you do. I want this sound file to play consistently on a loop and be able to adjust the volume separately or turn off completely. My solution was to mount a small MP3 player on the robot and feed it through a small sound amp to a dedicated speaker of its own. I know this not the way your setup needs to be worked but show how the same effect can be done in different ways. Happy building! Nice work so far!

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Thanks for your help all and dave im going to get one of the sparkfun boards and use that , like u said i want to use that one for voice files so need to trigger them with servo actions and so on. Your B9 is amazing as well.