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Mp3 Files In The Examples.

I need a certain MP3 (or .wav) file for my Wall-E project. I see that it is in the Wall-E examples in EZ-Builder. The WallEMusic.wav file that Wall-E dances to. Is there any way to extract it from ARC to place in my project?

Thanks ... Herr Ball


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We cannot legally distribute the mp3 files. You can google for Wall-e mp3's. Use the Search option also to see if anyone else has shared theirs:)
RGR that!

I did google for Wall-E MP3 files and did find lots but just not the one I was looking for ... lol.
Isn't that always the case though:)
Also used the search option and in fact found many but again not the one that eludes me ... lol.

Question: What is the name of the song that is used in D.J.'s Wall-E dance script.
I know any song can be used but that one fits Wall-E to a tee.

Herr Ball
How about using a Windows based recorder? you could record it from within windows that way. of course you would be useing it for your own personal enjoyment.:)