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Movie Night

Movie night what cha watching?

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Pre watching the original Blade runner before we went to see 2049 later in the evening. It was absolutely STELLAR! Have you seen 2049 yet?
Omg yes it was amazing. Such a pleasant surprise. I had no expectation and was on the edge of my seat.

I knew they were shooting as a Dave Bautista ( who played Drax in Gaurdians) told me he was going to work on it. I loved his scene and wanted to see more of his back story!
The world they created was stunning. Words can't describe how emersive it was. I could watch it a dozen times over and not get bored of the world detail.

I'm also impressed that they maintained the same retro synth musical score. The long sustained 80s pads. Even the city sounds and the computer clicks and buzzes. They even kept the verbal user interface style "left 80. Go up. Stop. Enhance. Stop. Go 5. Go 7. Go 2. Left. Stop"

I do have to watch it again because there's a few parts of the story that I need to see again. Now that I know the ending, watching it again will be interesting with a new perspective. Also, I'm still not sure why the brothel lady ever said to the prostitutes to follow the guy (joe) in the green jacket. Was she expecting him to be there? Was that part of his programming, to be there at that time? Did he have any free will? Or were his memories strategically implanted to make him end up where he needed to be?

Either way - it's gotta be one of the most epic movies I've ever seen!

Now, I'm hoping to heck that Ready Played One doesn't disappoint. Given that the trailer does have Rush in the soundtrack, my expectations are high.
I agree I had forgotten that scene with the lady sending in the prositutes... I need to see it a few times too to piece the small bits together.

The complete look was exactly like Ridleys vision in the first blade runner. They hired a great cinematographer to get the lighting right and a good choice to keep the same sound track feel. All around a lot of Oscars coming their way.

As for Player One.. Speilburg has been hit or miss the last few years. I hope he pulled this one off.. great fun concept!
I was introduced to ready player one around 3 years ago. In that time, I've listened to the audio book 3 times. It's been added to my revolving yearly audio book routine. Hitch hikers guide, starship titanic, and now ready player one.

The ready player one version I have is read by that guy from Star Trek who's the kid with the bald captain. I don't know much about Star Trek.

Anyway, he does an amazing job at reading it. So a lot of my expectations are based on the imagery resulting from the way he read the story and enthusiasm etc.... this is what I'm worried about!

The trailer already has a few hints that it won't follow the same storyline - so that's something I have to be open to accept. For example, why are there race cars?! What's with the monsters?! I'm okay that it will be changed.... am I okay with the changes?

The part I'm most intrigued with are the pop culture references - specially the stuff ppl forgot about or didn't know about. Like Adventure. Captain Crunch's whistle. Old computer referenced like the trash 80 and Altair 8080. The cult movie references and most of all, the music!
Lol, that Star Trek kid is Wil Wheaton:)

Thanks for the Ready Player One reminder! I'm going to start listening to the audio book over again starting today! I also can't wait for the movie to come out.

I just realized the other day that there was a Zork reference that I had forgotten about. Now that I've played it again (on my phone this time) I definitely have a new appreciation for it!
There is so many 80s movie references in that trailer its crazy, I watched it a few times and each time I see something new. I started watching the second season of Stranger Things on Netflix last night as the first season captured my entire 80s childhood...including Dungeons and Dragons :/