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Movement Pad Or Joystick In Mobile Interface Builder

For my current robotics project, I am looking for a way to add some sort of a movement pad/servo pad/joystick control to the mobile app interface. I want to do more than clicking a button and have some default movement script execute, and stop when I let go. However, after I have checked out the mobile interface builder, the options available in it struck me as being very simplistic - maybe too simplistic in my opinion.
Currently, the only way I can create something similar to a joystick within the default mobile interface builder is to use a slider, which can only control 1 degree of freedom at a time - it is simply not designed to control 2 axes at the same time like a joystick
Can anyone tell me how can I accomplish this with the mobile app builder? Or is it simply impossible with the current capabilities of the program? If so, is it even that hard to implement given that we already have these functionalities built in under the "Touch" panel within EZ-builder?


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Your next option for something not simplistic is to use the mono package and xamarin or the native development environment for your device.

The functionality of the mobile app designer is limited within the constraints of AppStore terms of use - which allows immediate app publishing within the ezrobot namespace.

What you're asking for is to create an app with the sdk library.
My recommendation at this timewould be to get a small Windows 10 tablet so you can run the full Windows version of ARC. The "Movement Pad" object is very close to what you are describing but is not currently available in the mobile interface.

Thanks for the reply!
I think I'll go back to the Arduino platform and use actual joystick modules or hack an Xbox360 controller to do what I want. For now, I just want to ensure I have basic control over the mechanical systems using something I'm familiar with. I might experiment with writing my own app later on down the line to add more features, but that is a non-essential long term goal after all.
Sounds good! I think that would better suit your needs as a remote control rather than a robot. If you require robot features, such as vision tracking or speech recognition, etc... That's when you can revisit ezrobot. good luck!:)

PS, we are always updating the apps as well - I'll add a servo pad as a future feature
This release has a joystick style movement pad in the mobile interface builder called servo Pad: http://www.ez-robot.com/Community/Forum/Thread?threadId=9404

This update will work on Android's update within the next few hours, and iOS in about 7 days (following Apple iOS review)

In the future we'll do a joystick for controlling movement (Rather than servos) as well.
Wow, that's a fast update! Good job DJ Sures!
I will definitely try out this feature in my build, it should be very useful!
Hope it helps :). I'm always pushing new features so don't be surprised if you see a few others magically appear in the next while.