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Movement Of Jd

I bought JD from the internet site and it arrived. After I built JD according to the instructions I could do with the robot everything; the led eyes, the sound, the camera, everything except the movement. can someone help my with that? please advise how can the Robot move, walk, etc.



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Have you completed the tutorials in the LEARN section of the site? Are you using the example JD project which is installed? Are you using the latest version of ARC? Have you calibrated and fine tuned the servos? Is it that JD doesn't walk very well or that you can't even make him try to walk?


I did everything you mentioned except to calibrate the servos, how can I calibrate them? and yes, I cant even make him try to walk. thanks a lot, await your instructions Daniel

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Go through all of the tutorials. Amongst them are some for calibrating JD.


hii again, i calibraited all the servos, but something else came up. When i'm connecting to JD to the computer, before i gave it any order it twists so fast that it pulled out some cabels... whats wrong here?


  1. Are you using the latest ARC? When you load ARC, it tells you if there is a new version.

  2. Are you using the latest JD project that is included with ARC?

  3. When you connect to JD, he will lie on his back. Always lie the robot down or hold it in your hand when you press the CONNECT button.

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@DanielKal you claim you have calibrated the servos however it shows that you haven't completed the tutorials in the learn section for calibrating the servos.

Complete this tutorial plus the 4 after it. They show, clearly and in depth, how to calibrate the servos.

Also the lesson DJ linked to for Connecting To JD

Completing the lessons in the Learn section will mean that you enjoy your EZ-Robot a lot quicker than if you do not complete the lessons. Even if you think you know what you are doing the lessons are a great help and should be completed if you wish to enjoy your robot.


I think a lot of people are doing the tutorials but neglecting to push the complete button. I think we'll see a lot of this. People just don't want to do things they are told to do or they just miss it in the excitement. I think this is especially true with young adults or kids. Too much like school.


That's exactly what happened to me

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To help me guide you without wasting time it helps to let us know which lessons are completed, this way we don't go around in circles and we don't need to repeat what is in the lessons.

When the example JD project connects to the EZ-B it moves to the "Stop" auto position, this will cause the servos to move however it should not be violent enough to pull any cables out, it certainly hasn't done this to me.

The lesson about connecting to JD explains how JD needs to be when you connect. Ensure you are doing this.

Ensure all servos are correctly calibrated and ensure that assembly is correct (paying attention to the orientation of the servos).

All of the above is covered by tutorials/lessons. To be honest there isn't much more to ask you to do to solve the issue.

If you have done the above then I must ask you the following to try and figure out what is happening.

When you click connect in ARC how do you have JD? Is he stood up, led down, in your hand, face down on the floor...

When you carry out Step 7 of the Lever servo Calibration lesson how does JD pose when assembled? Could you post a photo of your assembled JD after pressing the "All Servos Ports To 90 Degrees" button in step 7 of the lesson?