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i found a motorboard for few dollar.but its little diff then what dj is using.
my question would be,can i use the H bridge here to..
the H bridge is for controlling the speed off the motors wright?
User-inserted image

User-inserted image


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Do you have a datasheet?

It looks like it uses the L298n so should be very similar in operation.

I can't see any labels on the connections on the image, are they labelled? If so, what are they labelled as?

Pure guess work based on the L298n, I'd say that;
The 2 connections on the left are Motor 1 +/-
The 2 connections on the right are Motor 2 +-
The 3 connections on the bottom are VCC, Ground & 5V (however the order is unknown without labels, datasheet or tracing the tracks).
The pin header are your inputs/enables (in1, in2, in3, in4, ena, enb)

If that's the case then follow the L298n tutorial I wrote and adjust it to suit your board.
the 3pin on the bottem are left 12 volt middle vcc right 5 volts
the 2 pin are out1 and out 2 aswel for left and right motor
it says l298n cz018208 vw cz .mar
the only diff is the 4 pin heather is only one row,on the side are two jumpers
User-inserted image

User-inserted image
United Kingdom
The jumpers connect Ena to 5v and Enb to 5v. Remove the jumpers, connect a digital port to ena, connect a different digital port to enb and use PWM on those two ports to control speed. Make sure you don't connect the +5v pin from the ena/enb to the EZ-B though.
ah the double wire that goes from motorboard to the red jack,that its bin chowwing in the video.
User-inserted image
United Kingdom
To be honest, and I may be biased, but my tutorial covers it all in great detail and may give more of a clue than DJ's video.
all is okay rich.i just dont understand englich programming language not so good.
so thats why all the question.i will look your tutorial.thanks