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Motor Drivers:

I have noticed several posts where some builders are experiencing problems using the L289N Motor Driver. How many builders are using this motor driver and what are your experiences? If you have used it with sucess how did you wire it up? Anyone have any suggestions for a simple, easy to use, and easy to wire up driver? Surely there must be one out there?


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mmm!! i recommend you to buy H-Bridge with L289N motor driver.... I have been using it for a long time and I have not gotten any problem..... Good Luck!
@ edison2 :
I do have a L289N driver in my Project Gizmo robot. Right now it is connected as follows.
IN1 to D1
IN2 to D2
IN3 to D3
IN4 to D3
PWM to D0 ( I made a Y shaped cable so both ENA and ENB are connected to PWM on pin D0)

VCC is directly connected to an onboard 12v, 9 AH SLA battery.

The motors will run , BUT........ the directional controls are reversed. Left/Right arrows make the bot go Forward/Reverse and Forward/Reverse arrows make the bot go Left/Right.
I tried reversing the pins and made no difference. In fact I tried every possible configuration and the one above is the ONLY one that works! How did you wire yours up? The configuration I have is the one that DJ drew a sketch of in the H-Bridge tutorial video.
I had that same issue with my Omnibot. It took me a while of messing with it but I just kept rearranging the ports on the board until it worked correctly

changing the ports in the configure window didn't help me. I had to physically change the ports on the board. :)
I experimented again today with the connections to the L289N motor driver. Below are the configurations I tried:

D15 to IN4
D16 to IN3
D17 to IN2
D18 to IN1
D19 to PWM (ENA & ENB both)
Result: motors did run but directions were reversed.(This is the ONLY config that turned the motors on)
Foward/Reverse made robot go left/right
Left/ Right made robot go Forward/Reverse

D15 to IN3
D16 to IN4
D17 to IN1
D18 to IN2
D19 to PWM
Result: motors did not run at all.

D15 to IN1
D16 to IN2
D17 to IN3
D18 to In4
D19 to PWM
Result: motors did not run at all.

D15 to IN2
D16 to IN1
D17 to IN4
D18 to IN3
D19 to PWM
Result: motors did not run at all.

I even tried changing the trigger ports around in the H-Bridge configuration widow for each configuration I set up. Made no difference.
I've tried changing the motor out connections by reversing + and -
I tried changing the motor out connections around. Still no change.
I tried hooking up a ground reference to the EZ-B. That resulted in turning on power to both the EZ-B and the motor driver when I turned on the power switch for the EZ-B. I have the motor driver wired to an onboard 12 volt battery, and EZ-B to a seperate battery .

I am COMPLETELY stumped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I tried every configuration possible. Anybody see anything I might have missed? I cannot proceed with Gizmo until I resolve this problem.
I think you need me to make a video:)

I'll add it to the list and see if I can get one rock'n for you
@ DJ :
I would really appreciate some assitance with these problems. I would really like to get back to making progress on my robot. I'm still hoping to construct a robotic arm at some point in the future but everthing is on hold trying to resolve these problems. I've tried my best to describe the things I've already tried.
Thank you very much.
Note: I have two more of these motor drivers on the way. I'll try replacing the one I have now just to make sure its not defective.
@ DJ :

Just wanted to reaffirm that I'm still a huge supporter of you and EZ-Robot. I think you know I have been a avid supporter since the beginning. I have no intention of altering that position. Please try to understand that frustration levels ,at times, become quite high.