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Motor Controller For This Motor Repost (Another Question)

So I asked awile ago what motor controller to use with this motor: Rich answered: "Looks like it's 1.0 Amp @ 12VDC so the 2.5A L298n H-Bridge will be OK for it."

But I didn't ask what kind of battery I should use with it. What I need to know for the battery: What voltage What amperage Good kind of battery that lasts really(and I mean really) long.


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The info on the page you linked to gives you everything you need to know.

Motor is 6-12v so use a battery that can supply 6-12v Motor is 1A at 12v so use a battery that is rated at 1Ah if you want it to run for 1 hour before recharging, or 20Ah battery if you want it to last for 20 hours. etc.

Battery is entirely up to you. LiPo are light and have large capacities, a 2S 5000mAh would work and last 5 hours. SLA batteries are heavier but have large capacities, a 12v 9Ah would last for 9 hours. This is all based on only the motor being powered, time will be reduced as the load increases.

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but wait. does that mean that because im using 2 of the motors if I want it to last 5 hours I need a 10AH battery?