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Motor Controller

  1. Have an idea.


To do this i need a motor controller that will provide the 12-18v's the motors will need.

  1. Have a rc car that i want to ez-fy. motors will be replaced by other dc motors(between 4-6V).

What is the best(and cheapest) motor controller for each individual senario.


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Question is amps more than volts. (really both, but we can't answer without knowing both).

With those answers you can check the specifications of the available controllers, and start looking at price vs features.



for the rc car i was thinking the 2.5A motor controller.

for the drill motors, would a sabertooth be strong enough? the drill motors will be simple to adapt because they already have pwm on them(trigger)


does anyone have instructions on how to connect sabertooth to ez-b? Vid maybe?

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You really should get an amp meter and check the motors under load, or research rhe drills to find out what they draw. A good thing to remember is that a controller that is too big will not be an issue. One that is too small will cause problems.


also looking at the rc versions of them. have serial connections that i think could be configured for ez-b.

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nevermind the regular sabertooth's are easier.


The saber tooth 2x12 description says it supplies up to 12A . Does that mean I could put a 3A motor on it and it won't overload? Just a question


yes, a 2x12 is more than sufficient for a 3A motor. I believe Sabertooth has a 2x5 which would also be fine, but I don't know if the cost difference is worth experimenting with. We know for a fact that the 2x12 and 2x25 and 2x50 all work with EZ-B. EZ-B supports serial mode on those controllers, and according to one of the tutorials you could also use RC mode and the modified servo panel instead.

@Herr Ball and I are discussing which method is the right one to use in this thread: currently.

Apparently R/C mode more easily supports speed control, but some posts indicate serial control may be more reliable. Looking for someone who has used them to chime in with more information. (my 2x25 is still in the box it came in as I am not ready to hook it up to my wheelchair motors yet).



did a check, the amperage on the motors is 2.8-3A, with a 6A jump on startup. the 2x12 can do 25A jump for a few seconds and 12A continuess.

that will give my robot plenty of power.

the sabertooth 2x12 is good for this setup right?

dont want to mess up anything other than the old rc car frame.

and does anyone have a pic or diagram of a sabertooth connection to the ez-b?


just noticed, the amstaf is the same shape as this.

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i smell a smaller canadian remake!