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Resolved Resolved by Rich!

More Videos And Photos Missing

I looked at aameralis' thread and enjoyed the videos. I went to show my wife and NO VIDEOS. Well, he had some, but there was a whole page missing. What happened? I know that aameralis did to break any rules. He has a good project. I am trying to build me an Omnibot 3000 also. It is pretty complicated and I am watching his thread very, very much. Without his videos, I may fail on the project.

Thanks for letting me Bend an Ear!



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United Kingdom
Page 1 Post 1 of any showcase post has all photos and videos included and appended to the end of the post. The showcase for Omnibot 3000 has a lot of photos and videos still shown in it. Are there any specific ones which you believe have disappeared?

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The ones with the videos of him talking about the arm mod.

I will look in showcase.

Thanks, Rich!
I looked under showcase and the videos were there. Sorry.

Problem solved.