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Modified Ez-Bits For Futaba &Amp; Hitec

I decided to buy a bunch of extra servos so I could build a fully loaded SIX (or as my 4 year old grand-daughter says "a pretty spider robot"). My local hobby store sells three brands of servos Futaba, HiTec and some unknown generic knock off of the Futaba. I went with a mix of the Futaba and HiTec, got them home and found that the EZ-Bits do not fit without going under the knife for modification because the screws are too short.
For me this was no problem because I am printing my own parts, out comes AutoCad and a couple of modifications and time printing and I am back in business. I shortened the base plate and I also increased the diameter of the screw posts to provide better support as well through the mounting bracket itself. The shaft distance and EZ-Bit mount are the same as the original parts. I didn't really like the need to cut off the mounting tabs on the servos with the kit because part P24 A-01 cannot rotate with them in place. This renders servos useless for other projects that might require mounting via the brackets. So I have also modified this part so that it will rotate fully without the need to remove the side mounts and gives just a little more clearance for the wires as well. This extension is only 3.5mm, so it only adds just enough to create clearance. I have tried to match the existing chamfers and fillets as close as possible, not 100% pretty but they work. I have uploaded them here for all to use if you want. futabaservobracket.stl P24A-01x.stl


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I found the ez bit servo brackets don't fit the Hitec servo splines very well (the fit loose)... Me as a bargain hunter I bought 12 TowerPro MG946 digital servos (@ $5 each) from ebay... They are nearly an exact match in dimension and servo output power to the heavy duty ez robot servos. So they fit the ez bit servo brackets perfectly (including the output splines)....

However, nice job on the modified brackets... I am going to download them now....

Cheers Richard


@Richard R - if you print the bracket at .2mm layer height with .7mm shell the spline should fit a little tighter for the HiTec.


@Anthony... The TowePro MG946's seem to fit the ezb brackets perfectly without modification... Nice to know there is a way to get hitec servos to fit as well (because I have some of those servos too)....


Cool, I was looking to build a SIX myself with my own servo's but didn't have a app handy to modify the brackets.. are the brackets the only thing that needs to be modified? whats the model numbers on Hitec, and Futuba servo's you got?


I would use Hitec HS-645... However they are about $30 each... I buy TowerPro MG946 from eBay at about $5 or $ 6 per servo.... IMHO the MG946s out preform the Hitecs...


Richard R, Do you think those TowerPro MG946's would be suitable for the Inmoov hand and wrist? it would be a great way not to break my meager piggy bank.


@Checksumff... Yep, I am using them in my inMoov.... Seem to work great..


@Morbeious... That's right, from China... Took 3.5 weeks when I ordered them...

Where do you think ez robot servos come from?:)


They say the knocks off are from China, did you get the TowerPro's or the TowardPro's @richard r? are they the same size as the EZ-robot servo's?


Mine work fine... bought lots of them over the years... You need to pick a good ebay seller... The knock offs you're talking about was associated with the mg995s of a few years back... there were copies of copies floating around that were absolute garbage... Things have changed since then... As I said, the key is to buy from an eBay seller with a very high feedback rating....


@richard r I agree.. its a chance, and things change, and some ebay sellers are better that others.. lol.. I see a few on Amazon for a good prices I can get 10 of them for $60 which includes shipping and should receive them in 7 days.. theirs also a few on Amazon Prime for $9 each.. so all is good..

Question though? are they the same size as Ez-Robots, Hitec,or Futuba and what size horns do they use?


Ahhhh the benefits of living in the US... If we Canadians want deals... China is kind of the go to place.. is a fraction of We can't get the things you guys in the US can get... is also more expensive than

I have bought from Tower Hobbies in the US... They are actually good to us Canadians price wise (shipping is not bad too)....