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Mobile Interface Saving To Cloud

Is there a limit on the file size that can be saved to the cloud?
My file is 35mb and saves but isn't there to open on my Tablet.

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There is of course the warning message that my file exceeds 35mb but is this really that big?
The only way I can reduce the size is to remove my MP3 files which limits the functionality of the robot.
I need the Mobile Interface App working on my tablet for a presentation in a few weeks. Here's hoping...
The problem is likely the file size. As soon as I remove a bunch of MP3s, the file size is small enough to be saved and opened on the cloud.
EZ Builder needs to give a message that the file is NOT saved if it exceeds a certain size.
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Arc does:) . EZ-Builder is no longer in development. ARC file size for the cloud is 64mb
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So... I also have a very large project that has a LOT of MP3's in it. I haven't been able to save to the cloud for years. Does anyone have a strategy to be able to save projects this large to the cloud? For example, could I cut out the MP3's somehow temporally and just save the rest of the project then re-insert the MP3's?

I haven't tried this but just off the top of my head I'm thinking perhaps using the merge function. Marge all the soundboards showing the MP3's into a new project, delete the mp3's from the project to be saved, save the project to the cloud then merge the new project mp3's back into the old (now saved to the cloud) project. 

My example seems like a clunky and dangerous approach. I think the above approve would have to be done very carefully and double checked before any files could be deleted. 

Any thoughts?
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Thanks. I used the MP3 trigger in my robot years ago. It worked flawlessly. However I removed it to uncomplicate  my robot as I figured the integrated sound capabilities of EZ Builder and EZB were better. I may have to revisit this to see if I'd be better off taking a step backwards. I think the only drawback is that the amount of sound files are limited to 256. I think I have more then that.