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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

Mobile Interface Compatible Control - Uart Commands?

Hi all, I've been using EZ Builder for years now and can write scripts well enough to get me by. However I've never built or used the mobile interface.

Most of the motors in my robot are DC motors using Sabertooth motor controllers that are using Kangaroo X2's for position and speed. Position and speed commands for the attached motors are sent by EZ Builder through the UART ports of the EZB's. The Kangaroo's depend on encoder feedback for motor position and speed. This means I need to start up the Kangaroos and have them home the motors so the Roo's and EZ Builder know what motor is where.

It looks like the Mobile Interface does not support sending Uart commands using EZ Scripts. Is this correct? If not is there any way this function could be added to the mobile interface in the feature? Thanks!

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The mobile ARC supports all UART ezscript commands
Thanks for the help. Humm, Looks like I need to take a closer look at my scripts. They work using ARC. For some reason I can't get my motors to respond while using the mobile interface. More to follow.
All is good now and I've gotten my scripts to run. 

Turns out I had some spaces in between numbers and commas in my commands. I'm surprised they ran in ARC and not on the Mobil Interface.