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Mobile Camera Control - Y Axis

Hi guys, I'v been writing my mobile app for iRobot and everything works great. However, since I had to mount the camera upside down I have to flip the Y axis in the camera control in ARC (rotate none flip Y). But that doesn't seem to translate into the mobile app, leaving me with an upside down image on the screen. Not great for face-tracking, lol. What am I missing confused

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Oh, I almost forgot, Happy New year!


I believe the mobile camera control does not have the ability to flip the image. Mobile has quite a few differences than the windows version.

I can look into it for the next update.

Happy new year to you as well:)


Thanks DJ. Yes, please do look in to it for the next update, if it's not too much trouble. I could try flipping the camera upright but it won't look as natural.

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Can you move the camera to the lower edge of the picture frame? That would flip the camera around.


Dave, originally the camera was to be mounted to the bottom of the tablet where it might have been less obvious. Then I remembered the tablet actually needs the charging cable attached, lol. I thought about embedding it into the forehead of the face but feared it would overheat. I don't mind it on the top; half the point of this sculpture is showcasing the gadgets.

DJ, you da man! Thank you for updating the app so quickly. You folks in Canada sure know customer service. Have room up there for a bookseller and art teacher?

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It was just a thought and suggestion. I'm glad DJ was able to help by adding this feature for you and others who follow.


All thoughts and suggestions welcome at all times. I appreciate your input, Dave.:)


Update: The new version of ARC Mobile does, indeed, have the camera flip control and works well. However, I'm unable to get the camera to face-track (I haven't tried other types of tracking yet). The camera connects fine and shows the image, my "connect" and "center servo" buttons, along with my "servo slider" work very well, just no camera tracking. I tried rewriting the mobile app with nothing but the "connect" button and the camera but still nothing. I don't think it's any of my devices (laptop, tablet, etc.) since I did have my setup tracking with a simple app with the camera mounted on top of a servo (before it was installed in the sculpture).

BTW, Dave S. and DJ: the script for initial servo settings (speed and position and servo limits) you both shared work great and translate into the mobile app. Thank you.

Hmm, I haven't updated the windows Builder in a while. Maybe I'll try that.


you can post your project if you'd like one of us to take a look for suggestions.

Something else i was thinking of was mounting the camera stationary. You will get a much more fluid tracking if the camera isn't actually mounted to the head. If the camera is mounted to the body somewhere, then it will also give the head a cleaner look/feel.

If the camera is mounted stationary, the "Track By Relative Position" must be checked.

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I saw the track by relative motion button and thought of trying it but was afraid people would move off-screen too quickly (if they were very close to the sculpture).

For now I'd like to stick with the current mounting. How do I post my project? Do you want the app or the windows builder file?


Oh, I suppose the builder file would have both. Duh. I'll get it uploaded.


Why do you have moment tracking enabled?

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<Mac shrugs his shoulders> Because I don't know what I'm doing? I take it I should uncheck that box. Also, the min/max for the servo shouldn't be 6 and 180. I'm sure I changed that to 38 and 157 before I saved. I'll give it another go.


Yeah - uncheck that and try again


Quick question: when I make a change in the windows builder, does that make the corresponding change to the mobile app I've written in the builder or do I have to start from scratch on the mobile app? Just to clarify, I'm not asking if I need to re-upload the app, just wondering if I need to scrap the mobile app already written in the builder when I make a change to the windows file. Lol, I hope that makes sense.


I got it working. Turned out I needed to reset the EZ-B4 (which in my case means unplugging for 20 seconds and plugging back in). I've been doing a lot of jumping back and forth, connecting/disconnecting from my laptop, tablet, and phone.

It works but not as well as my laptop (an old quad-core with dedicated graphics card). My tablet is an old Galaxy Tab E (doesn't list the specific processor) and my phone is an old Galaxy S3. What can I say, I'm not one to jump on the latest, greatest phone. I mean, it's a phone, you know?

I'm still considering buying a used Microsoft Surface and mounting the screen in the pedestal. That way I could just run the windows ARC, which I like the looks of better anyway. Or, rather than mounting it, I could just have the gallery keep it running behind the desk or in a locked room. Anyone know the range of the EZ-B4 wifi?

Anyway, thanks for the help, DJ :D


If you get a Surface, make sure it isn't Windows RT version. (the tablet only version of Windows 8. Was only available on some surface and surface 2s and a handful of other junk). It won't run ARC.

You might want to look at something like the ACER A4. I run ARC on an ACER W3-810 but most of the cheap ones on eBay are Windows 8 and although thry will upgrade to Windows 10, the upgrade isn't free anymore, and the camera doesn't work in ARC, so something a little newer would be a better choice.



Thanks for the tip/warning, Alan. You probably just saved me some $$$ on a unit that wouldn't do what's needed. Since my sabbatical from school is over as of Monday, sigh, the sculpture probably won't be finished (show-ready) until summer. I'll look at prices again then.


Cool (well, not that we have to wait to see more significant progress). One correction. I meant Acer W4 not A4 as a recommendation. Decent 8" Windows 10 tablet. Easily < $300 on eBay. Some much less. Just check the OS. Some had Windows 8, and upgrade not free, so if buying used and hte original owner didn't upgrade, that is another $100 or so to get it up to current.



Yeah, I was looking at the Acers and most of the eBay models were upgraded to 10.

The physical sculpture is pretty much done. I'll be making a shout-out for face videos from anyone and everyone soon. Just need to create a dedicated email address and update my website (I lost my ftp info, lol). Keep an eye out:D