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Mobile App Connection-Project Storage Question

Once a project has been downloaded to your device, do you need the internet connection anymore? I ask because I saw a thread about a farmer wanting to use robots and he was given advice on router boosters and such but if once the project is on the phone then he could just get some smartphones and EZBs, download the project, connect the phones and EZBs via bluetooth and he's be good to go. No need to extend his wifi range or anything. Possibly the cheapest solution as well.

I just didn't want to recommend that solution until I knew for sure if that was in fact the way it worked.

Thanks in advance.

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If you have downloaded the project to your device, you do not need an internet connection anymore.

You can access projects that you have already downloaded on the My Library option from the main menu


@djsures Because the v4 is a WiFi spot itself.....right?

Sorry I had the same idea.


Thanks DJ. I don't think it needs to be a hot spot. I think everything gets stored on the device. The EZ-Mobile, in essence, uses your tab/phone as if it were a PC. So once you've downloaded and run a project the device does all of the processing and such. If you used the personality generator or a ping roam you could connect to the EZB with, i'm guessing wifi or bluetooth. (I only have the V3 so I'm just used to defaulting to that). But you could just put your device on/into your robot and let it go. I haven't tried it yet but I'm pretty sure that's how it would work.

That makes me think of another question. V3/V4, What if your project has something that uses the internet like twitter or rss reader? How will that stuff work out? If you're connected by bluetooth, will your device use it's internet connection (if available) ie. local wifi network or g3/g4? If connected by Wifi, how would any of that stuff work?


Wouldn't the EZB3/4 connect to the internet via the connection your device has? For instance my Samsung Galaxy connects to my EZB3 over Bluetooth, but since my galaxy is connected to the internet via wifi, the ezb3 can also use the internet connection via my galaxy?... Ok, confusing but I am sure that is how it would work... So ezb3 .... Bluetooth to ... device .... to internet... EZB4 would be basically the same but everything would be wifi instead...


That's what I was thinking but I was just hunting for some confirmation;)


If your project has RSS or PandoraBot or Twitter, than you will need one of these solutions...

  1. Connect the EZ-B to your router (i.e. infrastructure mode). This is opposite of Ad-Hoc mode, which is when you have only two devices connected together.

  2. Have two WiFi adapters in your PC

  3. Use the WiFi on your Mobile Device to EZ-B, and Cellular Data to Internet


So it will use your cell network. Very cool. Thanks for the information DJ:)


Just be aware that most Android devices won't connect to both Cellular and WiFi at the same time unless you activate the wireless hotspot feature on the phone. depending on your carrier and plan, you may need to pay extra to have that feature available (or have a rooted phone). The EZ-B won't use your cellular data (unless you are using the wireless hotspot to control your bot over the internet), but you'll need the feature just to run WiFi and Cell data at the same time.

This is not an issue if you are using an EZ-B v3 and using Bluetooth and Cell Data at the same time.



That's the way I thought it would work. Good info friend:) Thanks Alan. I'll throw together a quick project and test that out. I'll post the results.

BTW Does EZ-Robot have a Rss Feed?

[update] While putting together the test project I found I have this problem. It will tweet but not read twitter. It reads Rss fine. Here's what I get on the console:

Start 1: Tweet("Testing the twitter account") 2: SpeakTwitter("AntronsRobots", 0) > Error on line 2: RSS Error fetching feed: System.Exception: Error fetching http request: The remote server returned an error: (410) Gone. at EZ_B.RSS.(String ) at EZ_B.RSS.GetRSSMessages(String url, SortDirectionEnum sortDirection) Done (00:00:02.3061319)

Did twitter remove this feature? [/update]