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Mobile Android App On Windows

I was about to buy an android tablet because I want to tinker with the Mobile app. I'm an iPhone user so I don't have a current 4.0 Android phone.

I decided to take a peak online to see if there were any windows apps that could run .apk Android apps, because I have a Windows 8.1 Tablet (yes I'm fully aware the tablet can run the full version of ARC....but what I want is to test and tinker with the Android mobile app because my desktop computer typically runs ARC).

Anyway I found this nifty piece of free software called BlueStacks. Once installed it allowed the Mobile app apk to be installed and it runs! :D

Just wanted to share incase anyone else is interested in running the Mobile app on their Windows device.


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Yes, bluestacks is pretty good. I've not used it with ARC yet but have it installed ready to go. Good news that it runs, that'll make things easier when I get to playing with the mobile version (although only easier in that I don't have to find my phone, make sure it's got power etc. etc.)


BlueStack has me impressed! It's nifty for sure. I just wish there was a way to run the mobile version on my iPhone.