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Hey there!

So last night we had a hard drive crash. Sad thing is, the database wasn't backed up for 2 days. I had been building a new server and had the backup disabled, thinking "what could go wrong in 2 days?". Well the HD died.

All orders are recorded through paypal, so there are no problems there. However, some user accounts that were made over the past 2 days need to be recreated. I'm going to run a disk scan recovery tool when I get a chance. See if I can recover some of the files.

Sorry about that:)


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Thanx dude.:) Smart idea with google cache. I've been pulling my hair out trying to get the server back up. It hosts a few other websites also:(

Plus, i'm on the other side of the country! So everything is done with remote access (or I have to convince friends to go by and do physical stuff)
I'm currently handling a bunch of sites for various companies so I feel your pain! I had to aggregate them all and use a single hosting company to regain some sanity...

Do you know how dead the HD is? Clicks of death, no spin, not recognized by BIOS? I've been fairly successful over the years (temporarily) resurrecting dead HDs with a little (sometime a lot of) hardware surgery. I'd be happy to see what I can do if you exhaust all your other options. I started doing it myself after the first and only time I used a recovery company and was shocked when they asked for $15,000 for the recovered data. I don't know what was on that drive but the company that contracted me ponied up the 15k! If I can recover your data I won't charge a dime - fixing things just makes me giddy...

It's click click click click. It tries to read but can't find the MBR and prompts for one at init. I'm going to try a linux rescue disk that will attempt to force read it.

I'm not really concerned. We lost a few posts, but they seem to be popping back by ppl re-entering them. And a few orders in the DB (but they are backed up on my local laptop). So really, it isn't _that_ important:)