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Minimising Controls

So in the ribbon menu of EZ-Builder, under the controls tab there is the "Minimise All" tab which comes in very handy, freeing up screen real estate. Is there a way to do this on individual controls instead of minimising all of them?

The problem I have is when I minimise all, and restore what controls I need to be on show permanently, when I come to maximise a minimised control to edit it, there's no way (that I've found anyway) to minimise that control again without doing it to all of the controls on show. Is there an option for this, or could this be something you would concider adding to ARC PC?



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I suspect this will take a software update, and if so, I would like to add a suggestion to have the default be to minimize and if clicking on the X to delete an object to add a confirmation dialog. I have accidentally deleted objects more times than I like to admit (which is why I save locally and to the cloud often, so I don't lose too much work if I need to revert).

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One thing I wanted to add that Alan touched on, is at the moment, if a control is minimised, when ARC is closed and re-opened, that control is then maximised again by default. So having the profile of the minimised control saved in that state when re-opening a project would be great too.
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Appreciated. Thanks.:)