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Mini Servos

Hello to All,

I am in the need of 4 mini servos like the ones used in JD’s neck. If I buy the ez robot servo’s, the price comes to $80.00 plus shipping (ends up almost $100.00) to the US and the time to get here. Costly for mini servos.
I have tried to get them online but when I ask for confirmation of them having the C1 spline, I never get an answer.
Hitec has a servo which is also in the $20.00+ range which is a lot to pay considering what I need them to do.

Does anyone know of an inexpensive servo, with a C1 spline, and where I can get them?


Ron R


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United Kingdom
What voltage would you be using with the micro servos? There are a few around that uses C1, but I don't think you will find much around that use 7.4v under $25, but there are a couple that are rated up to 6v for about $15.

I use a 5 volt converter to run them.
Thanks, This will do it. LOL , I always forget to go to servocity...

Ron R
I will be using 2 of them as the neck on my new robot. It is coming along. Legs are just finished printing. I am doing the feet next. I will post the project update soon.

Ron R
United Kingdom
Excellent. I look forward to seeing it.:)