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Mini Itx Motherboards

I'm wondering if people know much about these mini motherboards. I recently read this http://www.ez-robot.com/Tutorials/Hardware.aspx?id=19 and this appears to be ideally suited for my needs. Although I don't know much about them. Heres what I'd like to know about them:

. can they be powered from a battery of some kind
. can software written on c# be used on it without having windows installed on it and if so, how?

I have tried searching the net for answers on this but I've had no luck although this maybe more to do with the fact I don't know about them. Software I've written in the past had been only for windows. Not even Linux. That been said, could Ubuntu be used instead of windows?


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United Kingdom
I thought c# still needed windows.

you can use a lighter version of windows, windows 7 starter for instance.

use a Pico psu or a dc/dc board all available on eBay. And power can be 12v to over 24v. Use a car laptop charger and a small 19v dc/dc board and run on a 12v battery.

carputers are a good thing to look at since they run on 12v dc.
The mini itx mobo is just a smaller motherboard than what's in your desktop pc, which is an atx mobo.they usually use Intel atom processors, so they are slow but can handle most tasks. Like @rich said you need a pico psu which is the power supply /voltage regulator that hooks up to a dc battery to power the pc. Most of the mini itx have integrated graphic cards and processors, so you just need ram and the os, whichever flavor you like, windows or Linux,
check out mp3 car they have a lot of information and videos, but I would not buy from them because they are very overpriced;)

hope this helps
United Kingdom
Thank you very much rich and derrick. Your info does help alot thank you.