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Seriously why don't you guys get your own forum?... you know start a google group or something.... None of this has anything to do with ez robot or even robotics for that matter... You should be leaching off of someone else's web forum... IMHO


Not saying You're not welcome here, because you are... however remember this is about ez robot and other things related to robotics.... 3D printing discussions are fine as long as it pertains to robotics in general.... Good luck with your printers, hope you get them eventually sorted...

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Well said @Richard R (you just beat me to it). This forum is for EZ-Robot products and support or anything relating to EZ-Robot. It's bad enough the other thread had 60 odd pages which had little or nothing to do with EZ-Robot and was hardly ever mentioned, and we certainly don't need another 'non relevent' thread started about a 3D printer. As you say yourself, there is already a thread on the subject on this website already.

The 3D section of this forum/website is for subjects relating EZ-Robot. You don't see Apple customers asking questions or giving advice about Apple products of the Microsoft forum (or at least you shouldn't), so please don't do that here. If you don't like the Mingda support, as mentioned in the post #4... you can always start your own forum. is a free forum hosting site you can use. But, if you have something to post about an EZ-Project, idea, information, or something fun which is relevent to the EZ-Robot platform, then that's great and your always welcome to do so. We'd love to see your input.