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Not sure though if i would want my robot thinking for himself or herself just reminds me of
Skynet from Terminator.
Have you considered creating an authenticated webservice?

If you setup a communication method like that... I would create an ARC voice module that would send the user input requests to your webservice and you could give me the AI's response. If a session is required, then I could pass a unique guid.
Hello DJ Sures, that first response of mine above was an error. From an old Windows95 machine, I could not see an input box to write in. No, I have not thought about creating an authenticated webservice. I am way too busy just coding the basic AI in Forth and in JavaScript. My ideas (and code) are out there for people to take and use as they see fit. Suddenly now, in these recent months of 2011, Netizens are looking a lot more closely at Mentifex AI than they ever did before. But I am way behind in writing up the AI mind-module documentation at Google Code MindForth and at learning new programming languages. However, I have been sending some Web traffic to your excellent EZ-Robot.com site from places like comp.robotics.misc on Usenet and from an AI Forum discussion on the Web. People there are talking about the use of AI for industrial robotics. I am not a robot-maker myself, but I would like to see MindForth or a port of it installed in robots. -Arthur
Hey I don't know if anyone can do this there is a project on the web call robocub that is attempting to have robot learn like a 8 year old the software is gnu maybe someone could port some of it over to this if you can't find the software i have it if you need it really has some good stuff we could use
i would be very curious what Synthia does
i know i been talking about the leaf project alot on this forum
here is a few,TELLS JOKES,can spell any word,full emotions like mad ,happy,sad and many more,voice recognition,face recognition,tells time and date,access rss feeds,chat software,robochat,full facial emotions on CSLU using a monitor,control any stereo,tv or x-10,up to 84 servos using sd84 servo board,new item added connecting to ROS software for high end navigation,using a super fast MICROCONTROLLER and still a very long list of others using LISP AI software engine,plus ROBOREALM for many other filters,modules and robot boards like EZB soon
main weboite only has a few listed with open source software,
yahoo club has alot more software and updates

leaf main website

leaf yahoo groups
Synthia will be the best, just like everything else EZ-Robot:)

And what EZ-Robot lacks, will be fixed within a few hours; it's what we do:) Leaf is a neat project, i like it.
DJ it has much much more added on the yahoo group website
hopping a interface to EZB will be added soon,still waiting on STEVEN from ROBOREALM for the interface
what good about LEAF i like besides AI SOFTWARE it easy for anyone to use it.and if a good programmer in lispworks even better,i made many leafworks codes and scripts for mine
and working on a very advace script ,keeping to my self till i finished it ,then post to leaf clubs

so many robot builders that not programmers,also if you are good in C++ maybe good idea to add EZB interface to LEAF USING A DLL AND API scripts to access it is easy mostly only need the DLL with API COMMANDS i am also working on LEAF to work out math calculations,next is reading a book
I don't know where the roborealm support is at. We have had some dialog in the past. It's hard for someone to find a free minute of my time:(
Just stumbled onto this thread. DJ, very interested in Synthia. How is the progress?

was able to read the info on synthia,doesnt so far have as much as LEAF project does SO FAR
hope you can list what it can do
also what is about the deadline on it,1 month ,6 months ,a year
DJ can you tell about when it will be done
looking to compare to LEAF so far it looks kinda close
The problem I've with most of the AIs is an inability to follow a train of thought through several questions. They look at each interaction as separate from the last. I've seen some that had a good knowledge base and answered questions good but a chain of questions usually shows its shortcomings. JW:)
i thinking you are looking for a good chat software,LEAF does have but so far not so great it need more work
like you ask him a question and it tries to answer it in doesnt know the answer it will say sorry or something else like cant help you
i am working on a math code so when you say 327 +23 he will say 350 and so on,any math problemnext is OCR OR READING,with LISPWORKS software that it uses you can add anything dealing with and not much programming is needed,once its installed,when i say "leaf this is fred" he say hello fred,or recognize me with the webcam,already made a male/female filter switch ,when when a female ask him something he will answer the right way like mrs or miss,and same with he detects a male voice
also made a device that detects beer from water or milk from water and so on,called a spectrometer,low cost too
Answer Pad does math. both numbers and spelled out word math problems. I would also like to have an OCR program that could read the formula and give the answer.

I just happened across this.

DJ you have mentioned Synthia before. I would love for you to add it to EZ-B.

I understand what your talking about as far as control but there are some that will want it to be a little vulgar thing. I on the other hand want to keep it clean but I plan on using my bot as a research assistant for my book. I am writing a fantasy science fiction book so I would be telling it make believe things and things about characters to help me recall.

Having control over the database would be very siri like. There would be servers etc.

Have you looked at Ultra Hal? AI
Guild3D studio has an unusually nice girl, Denise. She is a Great one. Go there and see.
That seems like a good one. But expensive. Hmmm.... I'd really like the professional version but way too much. I wont use a screen dude will have a head. Here's my pieced together thing so far.
That seems like a good one. But expensive. Hmmm.... I'd really like the professional version but way too much. I wont use a screen dude will have a head. Here's my pieced together thing so far.
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Take a Look at Guild3D's Denise. She is AWSOME!
It does look awesome. Lots of features that I want but $800 is pretty hefty for software. I unfortunately cannot afford that.
I was just looking at that Guild3D's again. I would at a minimum need the $180 version. I might have to ponder on that for a bit. Visit and drool....

I have just recently spent too much getting parts for my new bot. This is NOT a cheap hobby.