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Mike Voice Not Working In Speech Synthesis Settings

I have the Mike voice

In my Audio, when I click on speech synthesis settings, I see the Mike selection, but it comes out I hear a voice of a girl. Any fixes for this?

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You got "Mike" voice?  I did the same thing and I got "Mark".  I remember Microsoft Mike, I miss him.  Didn't he sound more like a robot?
#4   — Edited
Yes , I got all the Microsoft windows 10 voices

update, I downloaded the new release, voices are gone, audio tool box  don't work any more

many things don't work any more, have to wait for the update to this update

Now my program works - sorry Mark voice also

DJ wrote this:
#22 3 hours ago

Interesting turn of events with the release it seems - we experienced some server hosting issues that caused majority of the challenges you had been experiencing (saving, profiles, etc). As for the missing config button, see here: https://synthiam.com/Products/Releases/Release-Stable-Beta-2019-12-07-00-18886