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Meet The Smart Saltwater Aquarium Powered By Ez Robot

Ez Robot community I wanted to introduce my latest application of this system. Some members hear already know I keep two salt water aquariums one coral which unfortunately died off and my predator tank. Sea life needs delicate balance maintained in their little ecosystem. Things like light spectrum , temperature, ph balance , current of water , nitrate and ammonia levels and calcium levels. These things take a practiced hand to maintain. I am building a new system and using ez b to monitor salinity, nitrates and ammonia, temp , water current flow and the ph. The ADC ports are useful for these and EZ board can control the current and switching to a backup power supply ( a apc for computers inside the cabinet to keep ezb and pumps powered). Also the ezb can turn on and off night , morning , day , and evening lighting settings. With a custom injection device im designing ezb can provide nutrients , calcium and even medicine if levels are out of wack. I started the build today and I am very excited!
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I already ordered the filtration canisters and pumps from bulk reef supply today. I wanted a very classy looking cabinet that is suitable as furniture if there was not a tank on top. Unfortunately they tank stands made these days are either poor quality or they are made of good quality but look horrible. I solved this problem by finding a tv stand cabinet that looked great and then let the modding begin....
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This is the walmart cabinet assembled and had a fake woodgrain. I tried painting the top but latex paint did not like the laminate. I had to spray primer down to get the black latex paint to stick.
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This was only made to hold a 75 pound tv. I went to home depot and had 3/4" plywood cut. The bottom of the cabinet only had 3 sides touching the floor. Front and sides. The plywood was installed and the back and extended all the way down to the floor and is now a 4 side supporting the load of the tank. Also we cut a bottom to support all four sides with 2 inch screws. On the back I predrilled and screwed the 2 inch screws in 5 inches apart.
At this point we beefed it up with 60 2 inch screws and 4 pieces of plywood. We can all stand on it now. Thats over 500 pounds.
SO it meens you are moving to florida where i am at

I am looking to move to a bigger house,but so far house i want near a lake and large land they want about $450k and max i want to pay is $300k
so need to keep looking
Yes I have seen lots of episodes of tanked. All of them I believe;)
MINE getting close to them ,looking to buy another tank this one 200 gallons

Trying to make it like chuck norris tank thats more then 6 feet long maybe 500 gallons or more.

He has a house in west palm beach near my brother and very good friends with him .
SUPER NICE GUY CHUCK is.only he loves to drink a lot like my big brother.
good size
I have that one only not glass ,ACYRLIC is the best to get,more clearer and stronger then glass ,plus lighter
Yes its also very pricy and non one pays crazy money for my designs lol , fred you need to take me under your wing , show me how you make the big bucks.
I was thinking of making a larger tank with acrylic but the tank is for turtles (4) and there nails will scratch acrylic
Yes I have sea urchins and they will chew up acrylic too.
Just a tiny update. This ezboard has been running 24 hours a day 7 days a week and was only turned off twice , once from a power outage and other from me moving. Other than that it has had continuous operation since Jan when the wait till script timing was introduced. I have not made upgrades because the intent is to integrate the salt water system as part of what Jarvis controls at some point.
Hi Josh, how are you going to measure PH. I want to measure PH and EC for a plant growing EZ robot based system. There are plenty of arduino shields for this. I'm thinking connecting to an EZ robot would require hacking a sensor from an off the shelf device. Any thoughts? BTW, thanks for posting your aquarium travels, it's been interesting!
Hey this project was dead since I moved because the next steps were to make a brand new case to hold ezb parts , a new stand and a autofeeding system. There are autofeeders out there but I need something custom to feed a few times over a few minutes. Also I want a larger capacity as well to hold 2 weeks to a month's worth of food at a time. It took three months since moving to train the fish to eat the flake without any sign of their natural food. They are all predators so this was a challenge. Non predator fish would eat flake of most types without training. I did a short video proving it can in fact be done. I showed the local fish guys and they were pretty impressed. Dry processed food is much cheaper too so there are many benefits. Now that I'm finally getting settled in my new place I will get to develop those project more.:)
Good news on the lion fish eating flake.
Thanks! It definitely is.
I enjoyed your salt water adventure. I used to have a large aquarium also, but mine was fresh water. I used it for 15 years until I contaminated it where no fish could live in it. After trying so many times, I converted it to a terarium. Good to see you making good use out of the EZB.

Thanks for sharing.

I'm glad your enjoying it. The trips not over it's just certain projects or hobbies are seasonal. I didn't want to be inside as much during the summer buy fall is here and now the indoor projects will pickup.
Sweet Tamieon ! Thats great , i would love to do a tutorial