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Meccanoid To Ez

Hi Guys I am new to robots and programming - I intend to convert my Meccanoid 2.0 XL to Ez B v4 as I wish to have my robot roam by itself and respond to things/faces etc as it goes tell jokes/stories and be interactive specially for my grandson. The question I have refers to whether the EZ B v4 has onboard memory and what ype of memory this is. I do not wish to have it connected by wifi to my computer continously for instructions as it roams. Do I need a SD card or similar or is there memory in the Arm? So far I cannot find this out. ARM MMU doesnt specify memory just how it accepts/operates memory.


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Sorry None of these answers the question. Is there onboard memory in the EZB v4 - or do I have to provide that externally.


The ezb4 operates over wifi... There is no onboard user memory nor is any form of external storage or external memory needed period... . Your computer or smartphone connect to the ezb4 via wifi and control it in real time... All major processing is done remotely via your smart phone or PC... Without the power of a PC or mobile device you'll be stuck using a very limited ability arduino controller. FYI an arduino will basically make your Meccanoid 2.0 XL a really big paper weight...

Here is how it all works... EZ Robot FAQ


I’d stick the ARC software on an affordable mini computer on the robot itself, because robots require fast pc processors to do awesome things. Here’s a discussion of super cheap and affordable onboard computers that run ARC:

I use those computers in robotics. My favorite is the one with built in touch screen. Some of them on that website are tablets, as well. Which makes the robot look even cooler. You’ll see the InMoov guys do that.

If you’d like to go the raspberry pi route, because it’s cheap and you’ve heard so much about it, ezrobot has options for that as well. The only challenge with raspberry pi and other arm based computer is cpu sloooooooooow vs a pc cpu. So you don’t really get a great user interface experience - and requires a lot more coding. Look in the software tab of this website to see raspberry pi options with either UWP or Mono

What ever you choose, I’d go with onboard pc from gearbest - cause that option is the best:)



What ever you choose, I’d go with onboard pc from gearbest

However, use PayPal or another tokenized payment and use a unique password. They are sloppy about security. Huge list of usernames and passwords for their site is available on the web, and they have never notified effected customers or autoreset the passwords.

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Thanks Guys. Question answered. D J Sures I will take your advice and use a cheap Tablet or phone as a processor/memory. Very Impressed with the speed of replies

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Thanks Richard R, DJSures, and The techguru.


Kev - there’s quite a few other meccanoid users on this forum as well. They can lend a hand if you need it

One of the good things about an onboard pc is being able to remotely connect to it - make changes etc.. it always feels cool to do that:)