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Measuring Movement Of An Object Using Movement Tracer

I'm tracking an object using the EZ-Robot EZ-B v4 Camera and I have the 'Show Movement Tracer' turned on and I was curious if there was a way I could determine the distance the object has moved .....based on the movement tracer?



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If you know the size of the object and the distance it is away from the camera then sure, you can calculate the distance moved based on the variables the camera will send back however it's not exactly simple.

There is an old topic somewhere which touched on something similar to this (I believe it was for getting the distance to the object rather than how far it moved but it would be a similar theory) however I do not have time to search for it right now. When I get more time I'll do a search if you can't find it.


Thanks for the info. Its too bad that there isn't some way to pull a scaled measurement of the line segments drawn by the 'show movement tracer' .... that being said I'll try whats been presented.