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Measure Distance From Camera

Hi everyone, I know that EZ camera will can do it but let me ask: it can measure distance from existing plugins on the web right now. I want to use it to measure the distance of the mouth, when opening the mouth, the distance is large and the robot will scoop food for you?. I plan to make this idea for people with parkinson.
  Thank you very much!:p

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I think the FaceApi would be the way to go...

Sample code is provided here...

But this is just something that popped up in my head, and I guess you would have to find a way to implement this...
Or there is someone on the forum that can help implementing your idea!

Maybe there are other options, which are better...but this could be a starting point!!:)
thank you very much but the Sighthound Cloud API seems to be able to do this and I haven't tried it yet, look forward to hearing from you
Ah cool...looks interesting!! Good luck with Sighthound Cloud API!:)