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Maximum Voltage/Voltages For The Ez-B?

Hello. Currently in my robotics project, I am using a lot of electronic components such as leds that are eating up my batteries instantly. I am thinking about using a power adapter to keep the current running to all of my electronics. Is there a maximum voltage other than 9 volts to maintain a strong, on-going current to fuel my project, and if so, will it not short circuit my board? Thanks.



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18v is the high end. Actually I thought it was only 17v but I haven't reread the manual lately.

The more voltage you supply, the hotter the board and it's regulators run. Pay attention to this. If it starts getting hot then add a small fan blowing on the regulators. DJ has a video on this web site showing how to do it.
Exactly. As a matter of fact, I just soldered together a small hard-drive 12v fan to a pcb+ servo extension cable to add as part of my latest robotics project yesterday. In the mean time, I'm going to start off with using an adapter's current of 12 volts dc. Thanks for the advice.:)
12v should be just fine. That's what I use for supply DC voltage.

I just checked; DC supply voltage can be 5 - 17 vdc.