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Resolved Resolved by Dunning-Kruger!


Does anyone have a schematic on how you hook a Maxbotics EZ1 or EZ0 to the EZB (V3)?



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The data sheet comes in the EZ1 package and the pin outs are marked on the EZ1 board itself... You have choice of analog, serial and PW (pulse width representation)... Pretty self explanatory really.... You can also check their website for further information....
Yeh, I have got all of the data sheets. I was just wondering about it. So, I hook it to the AD0-7 ports for Analog?

On the Leaf robot, I have
Ground-Black wire
Hot-Red Wire
RX-white wire
and PWM green wire.

It is hooked that way on the Leaf robots. I have six of these I paid $30 for.
Now they are selling for $45. So, I do NOT want to burn them up. If I hook it to the ADC ports, what colors will go where?

I was thinking Red to VCC+
Ground to GRound
White to Signal
but, Where do I put the PWM?

The ezb3 can't receive serial so do not attempt to connect via serial ...

You can try using PW (using digital pins) but analog is simpler...

Why make it complicated?... Just 3 wires... Analog is dead simple...
+5 to ezb analog power pin
grd to ezb analog ground pin
AN to analog signal pin

done... now read the analog port and you will see that the value will change proportionately to distance measured...
OK, you mean put the Signal wire to the AN input. But, what about RX input.
Yes... 3 wires to 1 analog port just like a regular analog sensor... RX isn't necessary when using the EZ1 in analog mod... However, you can pull this pin high then low for 50us to get an single analog reading.... If you leave RX high or unconnected the ez1 will continually output readings...

Mel... just 3 wires... 1) +5 to analog power pin 2) Grn to analog ground pin 3) AN to analog signal pin
Thanks! I was gone a little while because my wife blew a few discs in her back. So, there will be Therapy now. But, at least we know what is wrong.
sorry :-( I am confused.

It says on the Max data sheet Unused, and to Leave it either connected to ground or don't use it.

"Pin 3-AN- Unused, leave disconnected or connect to circuit common ground."

But, you are saying hook the Signal wire to AN and it should work. Right?
I think I have it now. I just hook it like they have the picture.