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Max. Voltage

What is the maximum voltage the EZ-B can take?

I have a 7.2v accu pack here that i want to use with my EZ-B but don't know if it will work :D


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12v.. but bear in mind that the voltage regulators may be very hot if you use 12v
I've got several accu packs:)

6.0 volt 0.8 ah (small wall-e) can move and drive for 20 - 30 minuts
7.2 volt 2.2 ah (wall-e allmost done) can move and drive for over an hour
7.4 volt 6.6 ah still not empty ( counting 1 hour and 40 minutes already )
the last accu i bought in a small shop for 40 Euro.

and at least the accu holder with the 5 batts can hold also for about 20 minutes

sets are :

2 modified servos
2 servos for the hands
2 servos for the head
1 servos for the scanner
2 ir sharp sensors
1 audio board
5 leds for eyes and solar charge indicator
1 konig wireless cam

when the 2 wall-e's are complete i will show them:)
I got this from the manual
Specifications 3.0
Input Voltage (min)
5 Volts DC
Input Voltage (max)
14 Volts DC