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I have a problem with six robot.

it connects to the computer properly through wifi ( EZ -B V4 022E ) but the connections in the ez -builder version 2015.03.30.00 a window appears with the following text me:

could not connect to the EZ-B

Would you like to view the getting started tutorials?

could help me as I was working properly and I suddenly appeared this problem.



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Are you trying to connect via "AP mode" (aka Ad-Hoc mode, direct connection from computer to EZ-B) or in "Client mode" (connecting computer and EZ-B via a WiFi router)? If it's "AP mode" then try resetting the EZ-B's network setting by gently pushing a pin in the little hole on the top of the EZ-B, and try to reconnect. If your trying to connect in "Client mode" then try reseting your router.

Is there a flashing blue LED (AP mode) or flashing green LED (Client mode) on your EZ-B when it is powered on?

Also, insure your battery is fully charged as a drained battery will cause connection issues.

Did you do anything different with your computer from when it was connecting properly to when it stopped connecting? For example, did you install any new anti virus software, or did you connect a wired ethanet cable from your router to your computer? If so, disconnect it and try again.

If you havnt read it already, below is a link to a lesson that explains about known connection issues.

And here is a tutorial that explains about the different WiFi connection modes.


is in ( AP mode) LED flashes blue , I have the antivirus McAfee Total Protection . check the tutorial videos and gave them up. I detect the wifi as EZ -B V4 022E but when I open the EZ - BUILDER softawre logor not connect ? The addresses listed are ( ) and with respect to the battery this is apparently inflated confused stress


I suspect it's your anti-virus interfering with the connection, please disable it and then test again, thanks!

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Do you have a little yellow warning icon over your computers WiFi signal bars in the task bar? It could be as Jeremie said about the A/V. The battery is a bit of a concern. If it's a LiPo battery and it has puffed out (inflated), then it sounds damaged and advise against using it. Where did you get the battery from? I'd advise sending it back under a warrenty claim.


the battery is included in the robot six and am awaiting try a new battery .


I do not yellow warning icon appears little more of their computers WiFi signal bars but disable anti virus proves:)


please answer the following questions...

  1. does your ezb make a chime when powered on?

  2. what color is the led on the ezb when flashing?

  3. have you tried resetting the ezb?