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Today i received my jd robot. It looks brilliant. unfortunately I can't find an instruction manual. Is it supposed to be in the box or is the manual available online? thanx for the help


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Hello @Maarten

There isn't a manual that comes in the box but if you load up the JD Example Project in ARC there are assembly instructions that help you put him together.

If you would like more details on the EZ-Bv4 itself please check out the Datasheet

At the moment we are working on introductory videos for all of our robots to help with getting started with our kits, stay tuned!


thanx, will have to find a windows machine before putting it together then. So much for building the first project tonight.


Were you not aware that you needed a Windows 7 or 8 pc when you bought your JD? Even if you managed to put it together you wouldn't be able to do anything anyway without a Windows PC....


Never even crossed my mind (been a long time since I had a windows only issue), but I'll ask my IT guy to install windows on my mac. JD'll have to wait another night.


Just checked the order process, no mention of windows only. Might be smart to mention it somewhere before the checkout.

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All robots are controlled via ARC (as mentioned on the store pages for each robot)

ARC has the following Minimum Operating System Requirements (as mentioned on the download page).


Minimum Operating System Requirements Windows 7 minimum Intel Pentium or AMD 64 or 32 Bit 1 GHz CPU 2 GB RAM 50 MB Drive space


I absolutely mean no offence by this, but how did you think you were going to program/control JD then? You need ARC to run JD.... In ARC you write/create software to control Revolution robots and ezb4 controllers... You also use ARC to create apps for your Android device that then can be used to control JD or any of the other Revolution robots...

Using a PC is half the equation of the EZ Robot concept... The need for ARC is mentioned and expressed all over the website....


Yeah Rich, I noticed and I'll have windows installed on my mac. So no problem there.

But... if you order and do not check the requirements (which I hardly ever do these days), it doesn't say anywhere that it's windows only. Just saying it might be smart to add this somewhere in the order process. I'm sure I'm not the only one interested in EZ-Robots that's Apple only and doesn't read the 'small print'.


Sorry, misunderstood what you meant.... Disregard my last post...


@richard, no worries & great to see that the community is this active. I'm sure i'll need your help sometime in the coming weeks.


One of the first things I did was look at the software requirements when I ordered. It states it pretty clearly. I have a Macbook Pro and it's not uncommon for software to not run natively on a Mac so that was the first thing I checked.I don't see how you can put this off on EZ-Robot.


Cheers Maarten.... Sorry you have to wait, but I am sure you'll love your JD and the new v4....


@zap, I'm not putting anything off on anyone. I'm suggesting something. Big difference.


@maarten we will consider your feedback, thank you. It does bring up a good point that some things are clear to some but not clear to others. This is often why we place information in multiple places , like youtube, on the website, in the forums, etc. as not everyone looks for info in the same place.


I'm so glad that Maarten posted this as I received my JD yesterday and had no idea how to start setting him up. It is very helpful to know that help is available in the JD Example Project in the ARC software. It was not intuitive to me that that was where I should look (I was looking for assembly instructions in the Getting Started page on the website). It would be helpful to have a one page "Getting Started" insert in the box that would list the various resources on the website to help people get up and running. It's exciting to have my robot, and I want to play!

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Perhaps it may pay for EZ-Robots to post the same instructions which are in ARC on to the site, either as videos or tutorials with the same or similar graphics? Just an idea and another thing to add to the list:)

I almost posted the assembly of Six as a video after my unboxing however my camera became full so it only got a small part of it. If it would be of any help, or even just a fill in until an official one come along, I'll gladly attempt to video the assembly of JD when mine arrives.