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Maker Faire 2013 Nc, Usa , Ez Robot Booth


We have been disussing setting up a booth area to show off our robots and also have a small airsoft robot arena to battle in;) So far we have Bret , myself and Alequa my brother coming. I made this thread so we are not discussing things off topic on others. Here is trossens arena for ideas but we can make ours different.
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This is so fantastic Josh and Rex! Bummer about people abusing the bots. I can't believe that. I so wish I had been there. Next time.
Thanks so much Josh for including us in the Makerfaire as best you could...Jarvis looked "cherry" . perhaps if you had his arms "electrified"with a big capacitor people might have been a bit more respectful! Next time hang a sign around his neck warning people of high voltages! keep the piks coming!:)
Josh JARVIS looks very good,you almost look like my brother he a little bigger,did you ever play semi pro football like him
looks like you would be good as a linebacker.
Keep the the photos comming they look great
@irobot LOL I think a year ago I sent Josh a link to a high voltage coil zapper and we were toying with the idea of using it as part of a security droid.
Yup . still considering that one.
Josh since this one turn out very good,whats the next MAKER FAIRE are you going to do.

I am looking at NEW YORK MAKER FAIRE,since i had plans to see the large falls in NY.
The next makerfaire is Kingsport Tennessee and from the info provided so far it already has three educational robotics groups coming. I will make a new thread for the next makerfaire.
Thats great JOSH,hope this time that JARVIS will be ready.
@jstarne1 - Thanks Josh!

I enjoyed meeting you and your brother. It sure was a lot of people there. The noise level was stressful. Just wished DJ could have given us posters and banners, and also flyers to pass out.... :(

It was frustrating that we encountered so much interference and noise that our bots could not function to their full potential. *mad*

I was really impressed with the level of detail on and in your robot "Jarvis". That was good choice for paint color also. I really like that deep red. I will be continuing to follow your thread with great interest. I look forward to future videos of this robot in action! The Air Soft robots were very cool. You and your brother have a good talent for painting.

I'm proud to know you and your brother... and my life is better for it....

More pictures from the Maker Fair...
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User-inserted image

User-inserted image

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User-inserted image

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User-inserted image
JOSH looks like the RAD and JARVIS robots was in a fight ,both has the arms broken ,only REX QUESTOR robot looks good.
"DONT TOUCH" sign a little late?:)
Short video of Josh's robot- Jarvis - at the Maker Fair

His eyes seem to follow you where ever you go :D
I like the real ones in action,ones you see lots of fire and smoke and metal flying.
Servo magazine issues has plenty of info on how to design and build them,but then it takes a lot of money ,more then building a robot .
@Rex wow I never noticed that optical illusion! It really does look like his eyes follow you. That's a very happy mistake!

@troy yup way late , arms were pulled off 4 times
I just can't believe how some people can have so little respect for other people's work. But Jarvis did look totally awesome, and that is a way cool thing with the eyes.
SO thats how the arms came off,i thought JARVIS likes to fight with other robots LOL
I think after seeing the damage on yours I will have to rethink my original plan and beef up the shoulders on mine.