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Maker Faire 2013 Nc, Usa , Ez Robot Booth

We have been disussing setting up a booth area to show off our robots and also have a small airsoft robot arena to battle in;) So far we have Bret , myself and Alequa my brother coming. I made this thread so we are not discussing things off topic on others. Here is trossens arena for ideas but we can make ours different. User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image


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If I tell my wife that we are going to Durham to visit her relatives, that may give me enough points to spend a Saturday in Raleigh. :D


I don't think our arena can be as detailed but we can make it pretty cool. Maybe someone has a little fog machine so we can add "smoke" to different areas and things. The wifey has already agreed that a long weekend in NC would be fun, so I am definitely a go. Lots to do between now and then.


Maybe dj would send some banner signs.... hint hint lol


There is a reasonably good chance I can make it.


Thats great alan! Will you bring a robot with you?


If it is ready, and if Amtrak lets me take it on board (it will be a little over the luggage weight limit, but I am an employee, so can probably get away with it).



I plan on bringing two or three. Gunslinger Bob, Mini-B and RoboRAD. Sort of depends on how far along I am with programming and how much room I have in the car lol


I hope you guys make it to the Maker Faire in San Mateo, CA later in 2013. I live 1 mile from the fairgrounds where it is held each year. Totally cool event!


Part of the problem with our arean is that it is going to have to be portable - as none of lives in that area. My car is not very big so I don't know how much room I will have to bring stuff other than my bots and some clothes. I can make some buildings out of foam core board that can be assembled on site but I don't know how much abuse they can take from the battle bots.


I have a trailer hitch and could bring a light trailer. I imagine making all the frames from pvc will make them light. What do you think of making the frames from buildings out of pvc and then Velcro material to it that has been painted to resemble a urban building.


I think for demonstration purposes that would be fine.


Hey Josh, what is the date for this MakerFaire?


Hey! I am only 45 minutes away from the N.C. State Fairgrounds. Count me in. I have a new robot named Sonny, in the works. Hope by June he will be presentable.

I am sure looking forward to meeting all you guys!



Josh, how big do the fake buildings need to be and how many of them?


Right now we are looking at 4 buildings and I believe 30 inches is more than enough for building height. Im really glad this is going to be indoors so that weather does not play a serious factor in what we need to bring to have a fun and presentable setup..


What about Balsa wood for the building material? Balsa wood panels could be cut to size, painted, & transported; then put together fairly quickly with hot glue, onsite.


Well balsa costs lots of money. Maybe home depot 1/8 plywood or something can be used to make panels.


I was thinking of that foam core poster board.


Do the streets need to be wide enough for two bots to go down them side by side, or one bot to go down them with a little room to manuveur?


Streets must be large enough for two bots to pass each other without hitting. That should reduce how often bots hit the buildings lol.


I've decided just to use heavy boxes as buildings and paint them to look cool lol. This weekend I pick up pcv to start framing everything. I plan on bringing 3 tables to display robots and one table specifically for laptops to link to the air soft robots in the arena area. Anyone have suggestions. Is there anyone besides me , Bret and Alequa going to make it? We would love to have you.


User-inserted image One example of a air soft weaponized robot aka Mech Warrior. See brets thread his is really sick! I will post more pics of mine progress this week.


Tmobile approved me to have that Friday and Monday off so its a 4 day weekend for me. This way I won't feel rushed to get everything setup after the drive.


I applied to reserve us space at the event

THANK YOU! We've received your application and look forward to reviewing it. Your willingness to share your ingenuity, creativity and passion with others is what makes Maker Faire: NC awesome. Our Makers are our heart and soul. We will be adding functionality soon to allow you to check on your application's status very soo


Application summary description

Exhibit name

EZ - Robot , Airsoft battle robots & diy personal robotics

This exhibit will have a air soft tent : (to contain the toy plastic pellets the robots use as ammunition while playing) for robots to compete for fun hunting down and shooting each other with safe air soft toys and Nerf darts. This tent for the arena will be between 10' x 10' and 14'x14' and a viewable to spectators. The size will be determined once we know the space we have to work in. So far we plan 4 robots are coming for this fun competition which are participating members of EZ- One or two guest robots will be available for spectators to play along with the members and interact with others to really get into the fun. We need space for a table to setup 5 laptops to control these creations and displays and space for two more tables to show / demonstrate robot creations. Also videos and pictures will be available to show how these creations were made as well. This is not a retail booth ,just a exhibit to get kids and adults who still like to build things to have fun and get inspired. 4 members will be in this booth.

This was the general application description.

I actually forgot to indicate there would be 8 total robots to display but I don't think that's a problem ;)


Hey Josh, I just accepted a new job and will be moving to Phoenix in April. Hopefully I can still make the MakerFaire - but my bots and stuff are all getting packed up and I won't be able to get to them again until some time in May. I will keep you posted. Bret


User-inserted image

OK first piece of the arena for the fair I purchased today. Its the mesh tent netting to protect spectators by containing the ammo being shot by the robots.


Here are pics of the mesh o. The 10' gazebo. We will start with 10 ft and expand if the fair permits the additional space. User-inserted image

User-inserted image


If I mount some kind of lighting inside the tent this could make an excellent way for spectators to watch the action.

#36 User-inserted image Grand Prize 1 Grand Prize Winner will receive $2,500 to bring their project to Maker Faire Bay Area 2013. 2nd Prize 2 Runners-up Prize Winners will each receive 1 Maker's Notebook, a 1-year subscription to Make: Magazine, and 2 Adult weekend passes to Maker Faire Bay Area 2013. Contest Instructions To enter in the Road to Maker Faire Challenge, you will need to submit an Entry Form with all of your project details. If you are selected by the panel of judges to be the winner, you will receive $2,500 to bring your project to Maker Faire Bay Area 2013, May 18th & 19th. Please provide photos and additional documentation (such as video, blog, schematics). Prize Eligibility Only persons residing in United States who are at least 18 years of age can enter. Contest Starts March 12, 2013 @ 12:00 am (PDT) Contest Ends April 08, 2013 @ 11:59 pm (PDT


I believe I will submit the much warrior ez robot project once I have videos of the robots working and submit videos and photos together. Sam forwarded it to me and I thought it would be a great way for my exhibit of robots to make it to California ! What does the EZ Robot community think should I do it!?


User-inserted image We picked up our first 10' x 10' tent. I believe the real measurement is 10' 8" square. The mesh kit I posted earlier matches this tent and from the same brand Ozark trail. We are waiting in the stupid long line to check out. The tent is on sale for 89.99


Hey Josh,

Paper building are awesome and then throw a coat of resin on them.

This is a hat we did for Burning Man but I think would work for what you want if you make them bigger.

User-inserted image

You'll have so much fun.

Hey Mike,

I will be at Maker Faire San Mateo this year.

DJ are you coming?


Josh, Here is a cool looking gizmo you may be interested in. A little bit pricey though. You may be able to find it cheaper elsewhere.

Air Hogs Battle Tracker


Very cool RGordon! I will check one out on person and seen if it it is reasonable ;)

Right now I'm making a guest robot that resembles a turret and I believe I will make another guest robot That is white and blue the ez robot colors;) User-inserted image I moved so this is where its at right now.


I'm planning on mounting a EZ cam in the middle between the two air soft guns but right now they are just sitting there for the picture.


RGordon! Thank you for the suggestion. This toy is ideal For a battle not scenario! I looked at how it works and a simple IR led would allow it to track and attack the players in the arena and the sat dish on top is actually a target which when hit temporarily deactivates the robot. It even comes with a remote so a person can control it. Neat!

User-inserted image


Well that's true but you can buy this little guy premade for 30 bucks , I would spend that much on epoxy making one myself lol. I thought it could be neat to maybe put one on top of the obstical/ arena buildings and let spectators operate it while watching. Just a fun addition.;) I'll try to grab one up soon and try it out.


Sounds like that will be fun. When is MakerFaire NC?


They're like a month apart. Are you excited? I am not really participating as a maker this year. Will pass out flyers in my Make: Beta Team shirt..... I doubt it would be as cool as driving around like a zombie.


I am excited , I'm still waiting on a response back on my application. I will check with them today on this.


Hey Josh, if I can't make NC then maybe I can make CA. I still want to try to get there.


Hey Bret,

California is May 18-19. If you do come out this way please let me know.



I would love to go to Cali I imagine that it would be difficult to bring all the robots though but if I won that 2500 dollar prize to go to ca then I could go ;)


Josh did you enter?


Yay! Awesome news!

From all of us here at Maker Faire: NC --


CONGRATULATIONS because your application to be a Maker at Maker Faire: NC 2013 has been accepted!

THANK YOU because you are awesome, and it is because of YOU that Maker Faire: NC is awesome.  The reason we do this is so that people like YOU get a chance to use your passion and knowledge to show others that they, too, can be Makers.

So... now what?  Well, not much right at this second!  There are still a couple of months between now and the Faire.  This is your time to be planning and preparing -- which is exactly what we're doing.  Over the next few weeks I'll start working with you to sort out the details about space, special needs, things you want from us, things we'd like to see from you, electricity... well, you get the idea!

The key thing RIGHT NOW is that you made the cut!  Congratulations!


-- Kevin N Gunn Maker Coordinator 2012 Maker Faire: NC

Life is short: Void the Warranty


Hey the first step was getting accepted, now I just gotta impress them enough to pay my way to California!


Well I am sure you will be awesome! Make sure you take pics!


Of course I may even setup a web cam to watch live if there is WiFi there.


OH there is wifi there....


I wanna try, but who knows. @sfoy - I didn't realize California was so soon. I know I can't make that one.


That's too bad. Maybe next year :o)


OK they confirmed there will be WiFi available at the fairgrounds , now I'm trying to see if its fast enough go broadcast the event live.


Well you may not be able to until you get there. Installed wifi will do it but there will be so many people it may be spotty. At least for streaming. It was poopie last year.

Also something else for you to consider. There were times when DJ had problems connecting to bluetooth. I can't recall if it was interference or his computer. I want to say he replaced the computer.

I hope my dude is ready to come next year. I think Jarvis would blow them away. Next year.

Now is your booth going to be EZ Robot or just your bots? I recall DJ mentioning they'd help. Maybe he could send banners, stickers, whatever swag and a kit for show. Or the Makershed may have one you could borrow for display. Maybe raffle a T-Shirt or something...

Maybe some cards with your youtube channel link. (I can design if you want)

Josh do you have a website?


I don't have a website , but I have the YouTube channel , its going to be a ez robot themed exhibit , I've talked to Alan about the fair and there are some ideas but nothing solid yet. Well see:) I do have a ez robot Bundle kit with box I could maybe display. All the robots of course are ez robot equipment related.


I met Alan. We shared an email or two. Seems like a nice guy.

Have you ever done a trade show? Or Exhibit?

I think that displaying the kit would be nice. People would like to see what they are getting. You could conceivably take orders at the booth or direct them to makershed.

Banners, some swag would be good. It'll be here before you know it.

Do you have ideas for a website? I would happily do it for you. You'd just have to buy the domain and give me ftp access. Here's my site (still in works) I'll let you know when I put up my robot page.

We could either go with a futuristic theme or since you have several bots maybe light a graphic paper look with gears as design. I don't know. Let me know if you are interested and I'll come up with some mock ups.


I agree about having a raffle or something :). I'm considering having time slots so people can come by and sign up to pilot a robot on Match for a few minutes at a time and then go on to the next person so we dont have the same group hogging the robots all the time.


Oh yeah if you are going to allow people to drive them then you are going to need a sign-up sheet. If you've never been to a Makerfaire then you do not understand the craziness. Last year so many people ran into me with strollers etc cause they were looking at things and walking. Some things I couldn't even see cause so many people were standing around waiting.

I think letting people sign up and giving them a time slot will eliminate that problem. Awesome idea.


@RGordon earlier you said you are near the fair grounds , email me please -


From everyone I've talked to so far there's gonna be thousands of people showing up , even tens of thousands if you combine the indoor and outdoor events.


Sure sam that would be really great! It would be awesome to have a website/ blog dedicated to my bots and the evens we go to. Sorta like a digital scrap book.


Looks like I may pull out the tent and take some pics and see how " big" 10 by 10 ft is for a arena and figure out buildings ;)


OK we pulled the tent out. Very easy to put up! The whole thing is up in 5 minutes. User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

I took one of the robot bases out of the closet for reference. All the robot bases are about 12" x12"


That's really sweet Josh! I think it will work great!


It looks big enough for what we are doing at least:) I'm doing two buildings instead of 4


OK I made a cool score today. Three 19 inch monitors. I gotta find screws for the stand to mount them. I figure three at a time can be for robots and them I can finagle another one to just play YouTube videos of DJ and Ezrobot. I figured bigger is better in terms of screen size so others can see over the participants shoulders. User-inserted image


Really good ideas Josh! I wish I could be there to help. It looks like it will be fun and I'm sure there will be a few EZ-B sales because of this event. I was thinking as well as DJ's youtube videos you could create a slide show of forum members bots to inspire others as well. The box bot all the way up to the big boys. Also the non-bot applications you're making.


Aaah, I like the idea of the slide show, so that could be done through a screen saver very easy.

United Kingdom

you can download youtube videos with I say that because youtube can sometimes be slow and crappy, and you can stick them all in a playlist on repeat.


Keepvid is a great idea, particularly if you are not yet sure about Internet access. If you have Powerpoint, you can do a slide-show with embedded videos. I haven't tried it yet, but I imagine the free Google Docs presentation tool or Libre Office presentation tool could also do that.



I believe that's what I will do then , just save the video to play live from a PC. Would be nice if I could get it in a format my TV could read like mpeg 4 so all I gotta do it plug my SD card into my Panasonic 42 inch and hit play ;p no PC would be required and would save me money.

Any suggestions on specific videos to play? Perhaps DJ or Alan could just allow be to download copies instead of going through the trouble of saving from YouTube and converting the video. I'm sure there will be quality losses there.

United Kingdom

I was about to suggest asking Alan or DJ to see if they could send you them in a much better format. However, I view them all on my 37" TV and they are OK and, depending on what was uploaded you can get good quality downloads, I've saved 720p youtube videos with keepvid.

Specific videos? Personally I'd go through all of the video tutorials for the controls in ARC, they are what drew me towards the product.


OK so keepvid saves the video in .FLV format so I will need to convert it to .MP4 for my 42" Panasonic Vieira TV SD card slot


Scratch that , apparently my TV supports Divx format through the SD card.


Inventory for the event so far

  • 10x10 tent with netting surround -panasonic 42" TV -3 19" Monitors
  • 3 chairs -3 keyboards -2 mice

Things I need to collect or borrow 4 folding tables White table cloths 2 to 3 computers 2 mice Ext cords and at least 2 power strips


The monitors and TV I will literally screw down to the tables , no one can walk off with one , the computers will have cable locks , I also found decorative stands excellent for displaying the EZ Robot kit in the box


Wow Josh, are you going to be driving a U-Haul? With all your bots and stuff that's a lot of stuff! I sure wish I could make it.


Josh, I will be able to bring (2) six foot long folding tables, (4) metal folding chairs, (2) drop cords, (2) power strips and my laptop.

You want me to bring a cordless screw diver and screws? I am also bringing a tool box with pretty much anything we would need.

I also have a small handheld video camera. Do you want me to bring that also?

I can also bring an assortment of plywood scraps and 2x4's if you think we will need it.

Just give me a list and I will try my best to get what you need.


@rgordon great! , I need to kinda draw a layout and figure out everything we need.

I have been contacting people on craigslist and a local repair shop is bringing me two dell PC for 80 bucks and now I'm looking for a third. Still trying to keep it under the 40 dollar budget.


I'm trying to get a third machine for 20 , contacted someone now and waiting for a reply.


@rgordon, yes a cordless drill , Phillips bit and screws are a very good idea!

@Bret yes funny you ask, I have a trailer hitch and I'm getting a very small probably 8 x 5 trailer , the uhual near me has a streamline version for cars that should have plenty of room and a lock on it.


Wonderful news , within 24 hours we have collected the three computers for controlling robots via Bluetooth and easy builder! User-inserted image


That is great news! I hope you will have time at the event to take some video for us poor saps that couldnt make it.


Of course troy , plenty of pics and video. I'm such a shutterbug there's no way I could make it through the fair without a few dozen :)

Friends are pushing for me to have a cool scheduled event... Hmm well see


Wish I could be there! ...but looking forward to seeing all the vids and pics!


I will try to get pics and videos of other exhibits too ,Rgordon and my brother will be there so we should be able to leave for a few minutes to check out stuff.


Looks like I'm getting one of these guys to move all the stuff to the fair... Uhual aerodynamic cargo trailer. User-inserted image

User-inserted image

United Kingdom

Hi group, it was mentioned earlier in this thread about Vdownloader please be aware I have just downloaded this free software to try and got the Delta search virus so please be careful!

United Kingdom

Virus Total's report shows it clean. That said, the delta search virus is spyware and may not be detected. Use that however you will to make your decision on if you want to install it or not :)


Wow Josh... looks like everything is coming together.



@rich , I guess I won't download that one

@Sam yup is starting to come together!


OK first dell gets upgraded to windows 7 ultimate Specs are 1.67ghz P4 and 1 gig ram for the first Dell tower User-inserted image

Alright second Dell tower is in progress , but its 1253 am so I guess windows gets to babysit itself while it installs till morning.


@lambar are you going to stop by maker faire in NC , racked up enough points with the wife?

United Kingdom

Is there any reason why you chose Ultimate? Starter would have been my choice due to the low RAM.

Also, probably a bit late now but you could have made an unattended install for Windows, left them all going on their own.


The only version I have is ultimate


I plan to do some optimization once the install is done. The one I left overnight paused at 35 percent because it thought the keyboard was unplugged on a auto reboot.


Hey Josh, where in TN are you? I am going to be driving thru TN on my way to Phoenix (stopping in Memphis to visit a friend). Travelling on I40 the whole way. Maybe we could meet up? I have an old Dell laptop with XP on it I could donate to the cause. I might also have an LCD display you could have. Text my new number and let me know. Bret


Hey Josh!

I am not a traveling man, so I won't be able to make it. But, I look forward to seeing some videos of it later on.  I will be with you in spirit.



No problem Mel , in sure I will make both videos for the forum and my YouTube channel and send the files to DJ if he wants to use images or video clips. I'm sure I will have dozens of pics too. ;)


OK tiny update. I have 4 or 5 nice piano black table top display stands donated today. I may not use them all. I was thinking of displaying everything that comes in the kit and common accessories like l298n h bridge , switching transistor , sabertooth ect.


That sounds like a great idea. Since those are things that they may need.


After work I get to go back home and finish that third PC and start loading ARC on them and of course .net framework and start saving the tutorial videos from YouTube.


A dell tower can be heavy to lift, which is why these are getting wheels and a lift handle. User-inserted image


User-inserted image

User-inserted image

Here is two of the 4 stands which could hold signs or displays like I mentioned earlier.


I have been saving videos from the videos section. If there is any members that want to contribute a video for the makerfaire post it here on YouTube and I will save it. :). Keep in mind your audience probably has a short attention span lol.


Alright the computers have win 7 loaded and two of the dells have wheels. I'm now epoxy the wheels to the bottom of the PC case I painted to match my battle not in snake skin pattern. The new locktite Go glue works good. A step under the performance of epoxy as it never gets rock hard it keeps a small amount of flexibility. Light applications its a great idea. User-inserted image User-inserted image

User-inserted image


OK so starting to plan the north Carolina trip to maker faire. Google says its about 474 miles...

User-inserted image

That's 474 miles one way , 948 approx round trip. If I take 1000 miles and divide by 15 assuming that's my mileage and 3.60 a gallon of gas that's 240 dollars fuel round trip.


OK tiny update, we want to make sure we have at least two robots to demonstrate with at makerfaire. Given Jarvis's larger size being a modified Omnibot 2000 he should stand out with that bright Crystal Red paint job ;). The body has been primed and sent to the painter and he will have it a little over two weeks. Now I can move back onto getting projects like dusty prepped and finish up squeegee who is close to running around by himself :)


You are taking on a huge project.


Passion moves mountains! deadlines (Maker Faire) can certainly focus ones attention


Do you have any scripts for when he is sitting still on display? Maybe we can help with some personality script ideas.


That would be great! Like a demo mode


Troy that is a great idea. I'm not the one but I am sure that there are some out there. DJ or Alan may even have something.

When I went to the EZ Robot both it was so crowded but I think that they just sat there until someone played with them. They had big touch screen tv like things.


Yes I saw the touch screens. They looked custom made from a projector and camera. Since my time will be limited I planned on having videos play I downloaded from YouTube and some kind of demo that just watches customers and says hello and introduces himself .... Hmmm there's so many options.


Oh I think Troy hit it on the nail. Have them mainly sitting around. Move a smidgen here and there and add some personality stuff. Head tilting, little sounds. When I got the minion ready to go, I had the MP3 trigger in there and I had it set up where when it heard EZ Robot or maker that it would play different sounds.


Yeah it was cute but unfortunately he was a poor design.

I am actually thinking about once I get my other dude done that I'll bring the minion back and he can follow the big dude around.


Lol that would be great. Like little ducks....


Sad to say, I won't be able to make it to North Carolina for the faire this year. One of my co-workers is going to be on vacation in Iowa (family visit) and I will be on-call that weekend.

Hopefully next year. I'll put in for the vacation time early.



This is coming up soon I'm very excited!


Looks like I will grab some folding chairs this weekend, ext cords , and a couple fold out tables I won't be ashamed up driving a security screw through to secure electronics. I'm coming up with a basic interactive display that someone can fiddle with to play in ARC.

On that display I'm thinking of having all the contents of a eZ robot kit on the one display so the potential customer can try out/ see all the contents of the Ez robot kit.

2 continuous servos

1 regular servo

1 servo with ultrasonic on it for radar

1 wireless EZ Cam on a servo

Assorted LEDs


This is the display I was thinking of to show off the contents of the kit. Beside this would be the laptop controlling it and beside the laptop the Ezrobot box. User-inserted image

OK I figure it would hurt to display the entire contents of the kit instead of short chucking it! Lol. This will have a table dedicated to this display.


I will put a white tablecloth down and squeegee will be on display on this table too.


Here's the layout I'm planning for the ezb table , it has the laptop , ezb display, eZ robot kit on a stand , and squeegee on the left. I would have a white tablecloth. User-inserted image


LOOKS like great idea but i don't think i will be ready in time,may be next year.

United Kingdom

With the EZ-Kit on display, are you planning on connecting it all up? I read it as though you are, if not, do it :)

Also, with the camera connected, set it up so on detection of faces or movement it takes a snapshot (if wifi is there, tweet it), instant record of the day:) I have a script done already on Melvin if you need it, just say the word and I'll post it (it's very simple).


Boy Josh, my move couldn't have come at a worse time. I soooooo wanted to be there for this event. What is the date again? Where are you going to be staying? I do have a $400 travel voucher with Delta...hmmmm?


Here's a doodle of the table arrangement I'm thinking of. I believe I will have a roped off area to hang out , keep food and such. User-inserted image


Its June 15 , I have not chosen a hotel venue yet but I will check tonight for vacancies to book. You should come! And bring and extra bag for a robot lol


Damn, that's when I'm moving into my new house. Getting out of the in-laws (yay).


Reschedule? Delay one day? Or weekend


Josh it's coming up. Do you know how big your space will be?


Yes I received a email from them today.... Congratulations again on your acceptance to Maker Faire: NC 2013! We are now fully engaged in fitting together all our different Makers and Sponsors into our space in a way that meets everyone's needs and that means we need some feedback from you! The "cluster" floor plan from last year got an overwhelming amount of positive feedback, so we will be using the same plan with groups of four booths in the interior as well as booths along the walls again this year. Using clusters of space rather than long rows creates much better traffic flow for attendees and higher visibility for you.

A few special groups get an entire 10'x20' group of booths, and you are one of them! By default these come with four 8'x2.5' tables, 4 chairs, and power. What we need from you is how many tables you can use or want.

We do need a response, as soon as possible. In the next few days we will be sending out a rough draft of the layout to make sure everyone is satisfied with their placement and space.  If you have any other questions feel free to email or call us and we will try to get back with you as soon as possible. We look forward to working with you all over the coming weeks to make this the best


So 10' x 20' with pretty much works since my air soft tent is 10' x 10' and the other half is the tables with controlling personal computers , the eZ robot interactive display , and table with the other robot displays. Best news is I'm provided with tables , chairs, and power.


So I don't need to bring any tables at all now?


I don't think we will need them now that they are providing large tables. I didn't know until this email.


Thats cool JOSH ,is it outside. I thought its inside like some fairs i been too,like computer show with many booths inside a big building of others selling stuff.


Also JOSH i see one coming near you in kingsport,tenn july 15

WOW the world maker faire in NYC,NY sept 21 and 22 wow i am going to that one,most likely biggest faire ever


Oh thank you for pointing that out robot maker!


Wow there's one near you, are you going to do both?

IDK about New York being the largest. I have been told that the Bay Area once especially since this is where they are located is the largest. But I have not been to NY.


The faire near hear claims to get 175000 spectators but also limits booth size. For obvious reasons the robot booth needs to be bigger than a 8 x 10 if I'm going to bring an air soft tent that is 10 x 10, They would need to give me a bit more space and electricity nearby.


JOSH how much is a table for a booth,saw a price near $350? CAN post my info on a booth at NYC,NY MAKERFAIRE once i get off the ghost list witch i don't mind too much since i have more time building my robots and getting ready to post when i get off the ghost list.


@Josh, If you are not able to fit the airsoft tent, you could do the next best thing. Video a competition in your back yard and play it on a laptop next to a static display of the combat robots. Well maybe not too static. You can still make all movements except the wheels.


Also JOSH is JAVIS going to the makerfaire and what other robots are you taking ?


They have not requested any fee to be a makerfaire exhibit. I will email them , sometimes special accommodations can be made :)


May be since its a small faire not like world faire in nyc,ny ,there is no cost When i check new york faire price for makers table to show robots or sell its little under $350 and a few free passes.


Makerfaire schedule.

Friday June 14 8am to 12pm , makerfaire grounds setup

12pm to 6pm makers are welcome to setup

6pm Invite only Maker Party!

10pm party is over and building locked down

Saturday June 15th

8am to 10am maker setup

10am doors open to public- be ready!

6pm doors officially close but spectators will be present a while just no new admittance. 6 to 8pm teardown

Location Kerr Scott building 20,000 square feet indoors


Josh, what time do you think you be arriving?


I want to be in the area around 4- 5pm son I can get into a hotel and make it to the makerfaire party at 6pm. We get to see all the exhibits and hang out with other makers without the spectators.


I would take lots of pictures but my $300 Go pro waterproof camera only takes pictures underwater because its stuck in my expensive waterproof case. Dang


@JOSH I have a GO PRO also and camera can be removed the housing ,i guess the one you got is HERO 3 MODEL like mine.


I am so excited for this event! I so wish I was able to attend. I am really bummed that I won't be there.


BRET there always be another makers faire go too.


@JOSH what about the video camera you made plenty of videos of your omnibot jarvis project


I will use cell phone and take some pictures. Here is a tiny sneak peak at the fair. There are a few robots exhibits. One being the giant boxing robots. Wow User-inserted image


HOPE is going to be a very big faire with a lot of exhibits and spectators.


@Josh, Thanks for the pic. That look Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!


Wow it's here already. Send of pic of your booth when it's all set up. I can't wait to see.


I'll third that motion! :)..........Wow giant RC?(assuming) cars that look like robots! Well I gues they will attract a lot of attention :)


@Josh Is that your red omnibot? That really looks top notch. Very very impressive.


@antron007 yes it is! It looks even better in the bright lights! Sweeeeeet build Josh!


User-inserted image


Thanks for photos Josh Well done to all cool

United Arab Emr

Nice work josh , you guys made it.

United Kingdom

You don't realise the size of a robot until you see it next to a person.

That sucks about Jarvis' arm, hope it wasn't too badly damaged.


First i want to say thankyou for Rex coming and bringing his robot. Wow we finally tore down the exhibit and are back at the hotel. This Makerfaire was absolutely insane. Elbow to elbow and easily over 2000 people in there at the same time. Our booth was regularly surrounded by 10-15 people checking out robots , asking questions about how and where they can get a Ezrobot ezb. If I had a nickel for every time we were asked how they can buy their own ezb and make their first robot we would have a lot of nickels! Seriously though people were getting flyers from the 3d printer booth and writing info down on the back if them. I wish we had flyers to give out. Can I get a amen Rex!?

Anyways it was fun. We didnt get to demonstrate as much as we wanted because there were several other exhibits involving high voltage , Jacobs ladders, giant ARC generators , static generators etc. Everyone with a wireless connection, even a cellphone, kept loosing connection. One moment my camera would be working but not Bluetooth and then Rex Bluetooth worked but not the camera. I scanned for WiFi and Bluetooth devices and there were dozens. Believe it or not spectators pulled the airsoft robots arms off 6 times and Jarvis arms off 4 times. I couldn't believe some of these people just yanking things off! The cameras worked most the time if they were about a foot away from the laptop. So I left ARC up and let the spectators see themselves as the robots see them. I had one 19 inch monitor by Jarvis on one end of the booth and the air soft robots on the other side by the laptop. In between was Rex with his robot and laptop.


@rich , its all good I "mocked up" the arms because I knew they had to come back off to be packed for the trip home. They were hot glued to the hubs on the servo shoulder gearbox. He actually would have wider shoulders because.of the brackets I have to increase range of motion.


It definitely looked like a big crowd there! A glimpse of Josh and Jarvis. Great job guys!


This is so fantastic Josh and Rex! Bummer about people abusing the bots. I can't believe that. I so wish I had been there. Next time.


Thanks so much Josh for including us in the Makerfaire as best you could...Jarvis looked "cherry" . perhaps if you had his arms "electrified"with a big capacitor people might have been a bit more respectful! Next time hang a sign around his neck warning people of high voltages! keep the piks coming! :)


Josh JARVIS looks very good,you almost look like my brother he a little bigger,did you ever play semi pro football like him looks like you would be good as a linebacker. Keep the the photos comming they look great


@irobot LOL I think a year ago I sent Josh a link to a high voltage coil zapper and we were toying with the idea of using it as part of a security droid.


Yup . still considering that one.


Josh since this one turn out very good,whats the next MAKER FAIRE are you going to do.

I am looking at NEW YORK MAKER FAIRE,since i had plans to see the large falls in NY.


The next makerfaire is Kingsport Tennessee and from the info provided so far it already has three educational robotics groups coming. I will make a new thread for the next makerfaire.


Thats great JOSH,hope this time that JARVIS will be ready.


@jstarne1 - Thanks Josh!

I enjoyed meeting you and your brother. It sure was a lot of people there. The noise level was stressful. Just wished DJ could have given us posters and banners, and also flyers to pass out.... :(

It was frustrating that we encountered so much interference and noise that our bots could not function to their full potential. mad

I was really impressed with the level of detail on and in your robot "Jarvis". That was good choice for paint color also. I really like that deep red. I will be continuing to follow your thread with great interest. I look forward to future videos of this robot in action! The Air Soft robots were very cool. You and your brother have a good talent for painting.

I'm proud to know you and your brother... and my life is better for it....



More pictures from the Maker Fair... User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image


JOSH looks like the RAD and JARVIS robots was in a fight ,both has the arms broken ,only REX QUESTOR robot looks good.


"DONT TOUCH" sign a little late? :)


Short video of Josh's robot- Jarvis - at the Maker Fair

His eyes seem to follow you where ever you go :D


Some Battle Bot action


I like the real ones in action,ones you see lots of fire and smoke and metal flying. Servo magazine issues has plenty of info on how to design and build them,but then it takes a lot of money ,more then building a robot .


@Rex wow I never noticed that optical illusion! It really does look like his eyes follow you. That's a very happy mistake!

@troy yup way late , arms were pulled off 4 times


I just can't believe how some people can have so little respect for other people's work. But Jarvis did look totally awesome, and that is a way cool thing with the eyes.


SO thats how the arms came off,i thought JARVIS likes to fight with other robots LOL


I think after seeing the damage on yours I will have to rethink my original plan and beef up the shoulders on mine.