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Or Joseph if you can't afford a makerbot solidoodle 2 or 3 are great printers for s lot less money. They are on their 3rd or 4th model and a lot of people like them.
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Weigh up the pros and cons.

Sure, the Makerbot may need some support as @aameralis has said but there is a whole lot of support on the internet for them. If you can live with having support from forums and googling the problems then why not? It depends on how much value you put on decent support from the people who made it at the end of the day.

When it comes to 3D Printers it seems that they all have issues but there are also some pretty good communities that can help sort out the issues (not as good as the EZ-Robot community though). So the support side of things may not be a deal breaker, unless you absolutely require help from the manufacturer.

What's the price difference between the Makerbot and the clone?

Also, bear in mind that the latest Makerbot is not open source so the clones are likely to be based on their open source Makerbot which wasn't as good.
You might try the Flashforge Creator 3D printer. HERE At $1200 including shipping and good after sale support.