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MAKE Magazine Vol. 27

Check it out MAKE magazine Vol. 27 Digital addition was just released! And guess who has an 8 page spread!?!?! Yep, DJ! Check it the EZ-robot project out in MAKE magazine before it hits the news stands: DJ's MAKE Article

Good work on the Article DJ, I think that it's a great introduction for people to use the EZ-B to finally stop making excuses and really get into building robots!

While I'm here spreading the love, I had an idea that may help people even further:

We should do a tips and tricks series of videos where everyone can either make a youtube vid showing how they build their robots or suggest/contribute on the forums tricks they use for rapidly building robots.

I know DJ has shown ways he has used to build his bots (but in fast motion), why don't we share the ways we do too? Or if DJ would be willing he could have a vid where he explains the tools he uses and the tricks of the trade and adds in a couple different methods the EZ-B customers use. I know I have borrowed a few of DJ's tricks myself, my hot glue gun and I are now better acquainted, but I have a few tricks up my sleeve as well. We could also share what tools we favor and the like, I'd be quite interested in that aspect!

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Thanks dude! I can't wait to see the article:)

I've been adding videos to the ARC Online Help. I have a few more to edit and publish, on using servos and attachements, and the biggest is writing Scripts. I sure would love to see more videos from the EZ-Robot community:) I know it's been a while since we've seen any late night videos from one particular friend!


Wait what?! ;)

I should be able to add some goodies at some point over the weekend. I have another robot to add to the Projects section and I still have the Retr0bright tutorial as well. Would have posted them already but a big project at work has been taking up all my time...

Now to check out this MAKE article!