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Low Battery Alerting Incorrectly

I've had EZB4 for about a month now and has been working great until today. In the Desktop Connection settings, I changed the Min Voltage for the Battery Monitor to 5.2, as I'm powering my EZB with a 6 volt battery. I did this a few weeks ago and everything has been fine.

Now today, when I'm using my Mobile Interface, I keep hearing the "My battery is low" and nothing else will work. I checked the battery voltage with a mulitmeter and it's 6.4, (fully charged). If I close the connection, and connect to the ARC Desktop, the alert stops and everything else in my robot now works. Go back to the Mobile interface, still get Low Battery Alert.

I tried adjusting my Min Battery setting to 5.3 in the connection settings, saved it, turned power off and on to EZB to see if this would update any corrupted data, but still have the same problem.

I even tried disabling the Low Battery Alert in via the Web interface in the Power Settings, still have Low Battery Alert.

Can no longer use my mobile interface. Any suggestions?


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Ok, will try it now. I saw the notice to update a few days ago and was procrastinating doing it.


Great, that was an easy fix. Thanks and have a great evening!