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Love The New Look Of Ezrobot.Com!

Your guys did a great job revamping the site. I'll be spending the evening browsing though the web site. :)

@thetechguru There are no plans to expire the EZ-Bucks after a certain period of time, so you should be good to go! :)
.... @Aislinn... That's great news, however once Rich blows his EZ - Bucks at the store there won't be anything left to buy, anyway...:P
United Kingdom
I'm gonna save mine up until I become an EZ-Millionaire:D
I feel a new BitCoin situation...
I think you will become a vested stockholder in EZ Robot! :)
EZ Robot is going to explode BIGTIME!
Where can I purchase stock? Besides supporting their products and telling people?
Steve S
Trading EZ bucks... LOL.... I doubt DJ would ever do it because of the risk of losing control of his company... But if he did offer public shares I would buy as much as I could in a heart beat