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Looking For .Net Developers And Alpha Testers


I an now a Revolution Robot owner.. Wooohoooo..

I am going to be spending some time working on support software for the EZBuilder robot control software.

Some of the types of support I have working or in the works are...

Send and Receive Emails - Make EZBuilder aware of and able to send emails.

Send and Receive social updates (Twitter , Facebook , YouTube , upload photos . etc.)

Receive current weather and weather forecast.

Wikipedia look ups

Text to Speech Text Filter. ( for examples if you don't like the way the speech engine pronounces your word you can set a filter to replace it with a better phonetic spelling.)

Lots of other stuff coming too biased on community response.

If you are a programmer and would like to participate please understand that I will share these programs with the community (source and running code) under a Common Open Lic.

If you are an experienced EZBuilder user and would like to help test and improve these products please let me know.

All programmers and support persons must be willing to meet up on Skype when needed to communicate progress and screen share.

Thanks for all your support guys and gals you have been awesome.


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Hi HippieGeek,

I'm a software developer, architect, and eagerly awaiting my v4 dev kit. I've spent years in Visual Studio (c# mostly) and would love to help. Most recently, I've been doing a ton of Python as well.

By day, I do r&d (focused on bigdata, analytics, and other tech) for a regional bank in the north east. I'm not new to robotics but am new to this awesome community.

Reply here or directly by email to seanboice at gmail.com
I would love to help but right now my plate is really full. If things free up, I will find this thread and post to it to let you know.