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Resolved Resolved by Rich!

Looking For The Latest Jarvis

It told me "the newest jarvis" and it gave me a virus. I had to hack the register in order to get rid of it.

Anyone know a good link to the Latest Jarvis that they are using now?




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United Kingdom
What do you mean by the latest jarvis?

If you are looking to download an application which replicates Jarvis from IronMan you will be disappointed. None exists, anything you download will no doubt be either a virus, malware or some crude script written to collect information. Any that can be downloaded are very poor examples and do not do much. There are a lot of reasons why I've had offers to buy my jarvis (which isn't for sale I might add).
OK, I understand.

Thanks for saving me a lot of time and trouble. I have Denise as a personal assistant now and she has done a GREAT job. But, I don't know how to interface her to the robot.

Thank You!