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Asked — Edited

Looking For Omnibot 2000 Component :Msm6422


My omnibot project has come to stop. One of the processors i malfunctioning and i not sure what to do.

I am a rookie in electronic but aslo very determined to get the bot back to life.

Som i have 2 questions to anybody out there.

Can i buy a new microcontroller and have it programed for a omnibot 2000 or is it possible to "copy" the program between an old microcontroller and a new one?
Or how do i get to fixs this?

The microcontroller is called MSM6422 and sits in the omnibot 200 main board.

Maybe somebody has a old main board for the omnibot for sale?

Best regards
Daniel Monsén


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Hi Daniel!
Can you state whats not working anymore? Maybe you can post a picture of the part, that doesnt seem to work.
Hi Daniel,

Some time soon I should be taking apart mine, I have a completely working OB2000 for my project and will probably take out these parts. I am not sure just yet as I'm planning out what what i'm doing:)

It's possible someone may have that board though.
I might be able to help him out if I just knew whats not working anymore. It might just be a bad switch.
Im looking for omnibot 2000 arms
I do still have the old board for spare components.
Hi everyone,

I just got hold of a new card, and now the bot is running!
I am so happy!

Thanks anyway:)

Over and out

Daniel M
Hi daniel.
Do you mean you did get a new main board?
I found the best persons here on the forum with a old board. Thank again Fred:)

Now im looking for a Tray for the omnibot 2000. Anybody got that for sale?

The best to you all!
Great. If you dont need the old one anymore and are willing to sell, let me know.