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Looking For Ez-B V3'S And Other Parts

Hello all im still looking to buy up Ez-b V3.s and other old parts like servos as I wish to do a lot of testing and don't wish to scrap my robot Scraps one day I will send Scraps to the scrap pile but as a working robot not as scrap lol

Im looking for servos to test a few aspects of them "I want to rip them apart"

Im looking for other parts to switches and many many other things I live in a small town and the thrift store here has nothing at all:(

Im also looking for books on electronics robotics electrical and other things like that many books I want and probably will never find is ones by Tesla , Tom Bearden and others I cant think of right now


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Hello all Im still in need of getting some EZ-B v3's I wish to do some testing and other stuff with them and really don't want to have to use the one that's in my bot scraps If you have one or more I would really love to buy it/them you


I have one to sell.... contact me at ryersonroofing at yahoo dot com if you're interested...



Thank You @Richard R for your fast response:D The EZ-B v3 will come in handy and get lots of use:D

Now I just need to get at least 1 more to save Scraps life lol


@Richard R let me know if you change your mind about the wall e trade we were considering.