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Long Range Xbee &Amp; Other Robot Communication

I was browsing the EZ forum and saw some one mention the incredible distances that you can communicate with robot,RC vehicles,balloons ,drones...using the Xbee systems up to 40 miles range. I have both EZB-4 and EZB-3 and was wondering what could be done with the EZB-3 in a long range out door 4X4 roaming robot,has anyone ever experimented using Xbee communication and would it work with both my EZ3 and 4? Still love the range I get with the Wi-Fi on EZ4 but the range with bluetooth on EZ3 very limited so possibly adding a 1 mile Xbee wireless system would work for a better robot I am working on.Anyone have any experience? Their website at sparkfun looks highly interesting.I am also experimenting using the mobile phone app with EZB4 currently, but I don't have a cell network just use the EZB built in wifi server to communicate with robot. Just trying to find best way for long range robot control.


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Thanks DJ I will look into it, Just fascinating what can be done, 1 other question ,is the new IO Tiny just as good as EZB4 for future long range communication to robot? Love the new price may buy 3 of them.i:)


I expect wifi performance to be nearly identical, as they use the same wifi chip (IotTiny and EZB v4 1/2)

Some guys advocate you shouldn't have the chip buried inside of your stuff (case, robot enclosure etc)

if that is true, both products without shells and under the same setup will have similar wifi performance.


Thanks ptp, I guess I know what I'm buying next pay check! Love the tiny size and I have a robot Tarantula that looks so real that will benefit from a Tiny,have it lurking around hiding under furniture ready to jump on unsuspecting visitors!:D


Here's a video from an number of years ago using the EZ-Bv3 and a Synapse transparent serial link. Back when I had the long hair lol.


Now that's very cool and with the EZB3? Impressive,I was trying to buy one of those 40 mile "XTend 900 1W RPSMA - 40 Mile Range" but am having trouble finding any in the world...I found one for sale but then the payment page gets interrupted as a hacked web site warning, I think we are just not allowed to have anything with long range like this today? confused