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New Zealand
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@DJSures While I know no other command can be executed from within your existing project when you use the LoadProject command, is there any way we could pass a parameter to automatically run a script?

LoadCommand( "C:\Temp\MyTest.ezb", "Autostart" )

Ideally it should be the autostart script just as if you were running the project manually....



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United Kingdom
When a new project is loaded with the LoadProject command any scripts in the Connection Established will run provided the connection is already made.

So rather than an autostart script can you use the connection established to run the initial startup scripts?

Video example on it's way:)
United Kingdom
Click the gear icon
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Set up the On Connection Established script
User-inserted image

Video of it in action
New Zealand
Excellent support reply Rich.... Great graphics, etc...

However I am trying to make a master A.I, that dis-embodied voice... only because I have limited EZ-B's and a large class.

At this stage I was going to have this one seperate from my EZ-B hardware while I teach the students .... kind of like Cortana from Halo. Or like the earlier sound only based computers of Star Trek and then be able to command "Activate AI" and have the projects switch to the speaking version....

Later I hope to have it connect to the actual robots via the TCP/IP function but until then....
New Zealand
@DJSures I just wanted to pull this post to the foreground again and ask if there any chance of an autostart parameter being added to the loadproject command?

Just wondering ... I can do a work around via a batch file that terminates EZ-Robot and then reloads the app with the requires script but that is getting messy.... I'd have to reload all my v ariables from a separate .csv.

We have a list with hundreds of features. They are attended to when there is time:)
New Zealand
LOL and I appreciate the way our requests miraculously appear....

I get the feeling you watch our postings to glean what is needed and then your ideas are mixed with our ideas to create a prioritized feature list ..... driven by the needs of the many. (Yes I am a ST fan)

But you did not answer the question.... I am not asking when will it be done I am asking.... can it be done?

I'm happy to wait if it will eventually show up but I am just as happy to create a work around.... just want to know which one to live with..... :)
Yes it can be done. Yes it's on the list:)
New Zealand
I'd buy you a coffee to thank you for the quick reply but since I just brought three more EZ-B's I'm a bit short on cash.... but I guess that's the same thing in the long run.... lol


Now back to robot work for both of us!