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Live Long And Prosper

Sad day. Very sad. To be remembered as the day we lost the man who gave life to Mr. Spock.
All my interest about science, art, movies, and even music (and of course robotics) found influence in Star Trek.
My first project here M.O.V.U.C ( My Own Vulcan) born from my desire to pay tribute to this character.

There is no logic to explain what This great man did. His Mr. Spock made real in our hearts the beauty greatness of beeing loyal, smart and authentic.
The man mabe has gone. But his art is forever. So, May that keep us traveling thru the universe.

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Any Leonard Nimoy fans who have not seen this... you should. :P

I heard about this about 3 hours ago. It truly is a sad day. I might have to name my InMoov Spock out of respect to him. I started this project on the day the real Spock died.
@David.... That's actually a really good name for inMoov
Spock and Cpt Kirk were roll models for me as I grew up. I am in morning over this. My prayers g out to Mr, Nimoy's family.

I remember watching this video back in the day. I could never figure out what the Spock ears on the girls had to do with the Hobbit.

Both Nimoy and Shatner have tried to break through into being music artiest. Shatner has had more success and is still trying. I think he just released an album not too long ago. I love his recent song "Real" where he sings about not being the one to call to save the world because he's "not the guy on up on that screen".

Lyrics to Real

Here's a clip:

Clip of "Real"
Nimoy (mostly as Spock but as other charecters as well) has had a huge influence on my life. Taught me it was OK to be smart and different. I will miss him terribly, but I am comforted that he had a long and productive life.