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Listen To Eventhandler In C++ Without Gui

I'm attempting write a small c++ cli program with which I can connect to and control each servo. However, I am running in to the problem of making the connection without using a gui. Does anyone have an idea of how I can listen to the eventhandler without using the gui?

What I have so far is this:

#include "stdafx.h"
using namespace std;
using namespace EZ_B;
using namespace System;

int main(){
	EZ_B::UCEZB_Connect^ ezB_Connect1;
	ezB_Connect1 = (gcnew EZ_B::UCEZB_Connect());
	ezB_Connect1->Name = L"ezB_Connect1";
	ezB_Connect1->Port = L"";
	ezB_Connect1->TCPPassword = nullptr;

Any help will be highly appreciated:)

Best regards, Lars


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Do not use UCEZB_Connect because it is a graphical user control (hence the UC in the naming convention).

Use EZ_B::EZB instead...

EZ_B::EZB will provide a Connect() method which you can call directly

    EZ_B::EZB ^ezb;
    ezb = gcnew EZ_B::EZB("MyEZB");

    for (int x = 0; x < 10; x++) {

      ezb->Servo->SetServoPosition(EZ_B::Servo::ServoPortEnum::D0, 40);

      ezb->Servo->SetServoPosition(EZ_B::Servo::ServoPortEnum::D0, 120);